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Gulfstar Fishing Report (May 6-11)

The Sundance II goes out every day (weather and minimum permitting) and this time of year is very appealing to those who like to fish without the crowds. There were a few days where we didn’t go out due to no reservations and while we always accept “walk-ons” if you have a day in mind that you would like to go, we strongly urge you to make a reservation so we can count you toward our minimum to sail. As for the longer trips remember; if you find a multi-day trip that you are interested in that is sold out, we do have a waiting list that we can add you to. Just give us a call in the office.


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May 6: The Chambers Group joined the Gulfstar Crew for their annual weekend fishing trip. During their trip they fished anywhere from 100-450 feet of water. While Friday had a bit of a rough ride out, some trolling was done and a few Black Fin Tuna made their way aboard. Their first stop was in shallower waters where it started out slow but they were still putting Red Porgies, Mango Snapper and Vermillion Snapper on ice. On Saturday they moved to deeper waters and found not only beautiful weather but also some King Mackerel, Yellowedge and Red Grouper, Porgies and Gray Tilefish. There were also many American Red Snapper and Gag Grouper safely released back into the drink. Dolphins caused quite a ruckus by stealing a few of their catches Saturday afternoon. Saturday night into Sunday morning they returned to shallower waters and the fishing was hot! Coolers filled up with Porgies, Mango and Vermillion Snapper. This was a great group that had a fantastic time, and I can’t wait until their return next year!

May 7: Clear skies, NW winds and low humidity made a comfortable trip with a light surf today. Most everyone did pretty well filling stringers with Key West Snapper and Porgies, despite the changing anchor course throughout the day. Red Group and Black Sea Bass were out in good numbers but all too small and released. This is the perfect time to go half day fishing as the Sundance is sailing with lighter loads.

May 8: Moms came out to fish and out fished today on the Sundance II. A great variety of different reef fish were swimming around. Quite a few Gag and Red grouper were caught and released. Baskets filled with Key West Snapper, Grass and Jolthead Porgies and Sand Perch. Black Sea Bass where out in high numbers like yesterday but also like yesterday, most were too small and were released to returned home. Our anglers returned home with priceless memories and a few fish dinners!

May 9: Anglers were greeted by beautiful weather and seas on the ride out and conditions continued throughout todays trip. With only three weeks left before Gag Grouper season opens, the amount being caught and released is a welcome sign, so It’s great practice until we can fill our coolers with them. Most everyone’s stringers were pretty tight with Key West Snapper, Black Sea Bass and Porgies.

May 10: Today we had a very small group and with the flat calm seas under hazy skies, fishing was insane! The amount of fish caught rivaled numbers usually caught on a full boat. Stringers were so heavy, many of them needed more than one person to hold them up for the camera! Tons of Key West Snapper, and plenty of Grass Porgies and some Black Sea Bass are on the menu and some. Another fantastic day aboard the Sundance II!

May 11: Today we had a nice breezy south wind and sunny skies with big puffy clouds in the distance. Anglers had to work a little harder to fill coolers but in the end it was worth it. Capt. Ron’s first couple stops had a slow but steady pick of smaller reef fish. The Black Sea Bass trend continued as well; most were undersize and released. At the last stop, much larger Key West Snapper found everyone’s hooks again and again. A Sea Turtle also paid anglers a visit and made their day as well.

As Always… Wishing you Tight Lines!

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