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Gulfstar Fishing Report (May)

The month of May has brought us unseasonably cool mornings and humidity free evenings producing beautiful sunsets! In between… the fishing has been HOT! Our 1/2 day customers coolers have been teeming with Key West snapper and Black Bass with some of the best catch numbers being on days with fewer customers. Our 1/2 day captains also report Gag sightings are on the rise and offshore they have been throwing back multitudes of Red Snapper. Here’s hoping they stick around to help us celebrate their opening day on June 1st! I can’t wait to see the pics and share the many trips that are coming up with you!


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May 14: Today the boat was a bit more more competitive than usual, with a handful of couples and two larger groups all vying to “catch the most!” . The weather was sunny with breezes from the west and seas with a gentle roll on the way out. There were Sharks swimming around the boat looking for a free meal as lines were coming up and Remoras chasing after the Sharks for their own snack of dead skin and parasites. Anglers picked a decent amount of Key West Snapper, Black Sea Bass, Grass Porgies and Sand Perch to bring home for dinner. A memorable experience was had by all.

May 15: Another perfect day to be out on the Sundance II. Fantastic weather and fishing on fire; about 600 fish caught by less than a dozen anglers!! Key West Snapper and Sea Bass kept everyone’s lines and stingers Tight!! An undersized Red and out of season Gag Grouper were also caught and released. What are you waiting for? Go fishing!!

May 16: Roy and his New York crew came down to fish with us at the Gulfstar, the Viking Fleets southern counterpart, a change from their usual Montauk hunting grounds. Captains Mitch and James were at the helm to provide a Gulf of Mexico style deep-water excursion. Early Tuesday morning started off in 1400 ft. with some windy conditions. The bite started off slow picking at some beautiful Leviathan and Queen Snappers and Black Belly Rosefish (one of my personal favorites) Later that day after a move to waters around 800-900 ft. lots of Gray Tilefish and Snowy and Yellowedge Grouper found there way onto hooks. Tuesday night was finished with some attempts at swords but none were brought to the surface. On Wednesday anglers were back into 1400 ft. that produced some Golden Tilefish, and more Leviathan Snapper and Black Belly Rosefish. Wednesday Afternoon the decision was made to return to shallower waters and that evening Snowy and Yellowedge Grouper topped off coolers before returning home. It was a very productive trip boating some very nice and sizable fish.

May 18: Today had Great weather and a steady bite. A few stops were made, the first stop being closer in shallow water and produced some great keeper Black Sea Bass. The following stops also had a decent bite on Sea Bass as well as Key West Snapper, Grass Porgies and Sand Perch. Dolphins and Sea Turtles also came by the boat to say hello! It was a memorable trip with a great group of people!

May 19: The breeze today made for a very comfortable fishing trip. The Sea Turtles and Dolphins returned again along with a few Eagle Rays putting on a show for our anglers. Not to outdo the nature tour and weather, the fishing was also decent with a steady bite of good size Key West Snapper, Black Sea Bass, Grass Porgies and a few Grouper breaking lines as well. This is the perfect time to go out on a half day trip with smaller crowds!

May 20: It was a bumpy ride out but seas laid down upon arrival to the fishing grounds. The weekend as a whole had very pleasant weather and great fishing. Capt. Mitch managed to keep anglers on fish constantly throughout the weekend. Saturday night was Mango Madness with everyone nearly limiting out on Mango Snapper. Dolphins received many free meals as anglers distracted them from running away with their catches. American Red Snapper showed up in good numbers and that is a great sign for the season opener on June 1st. Many Jolthead Porgies, Lane and Vermilion Snapper, Scamp and Red Grouper and a couple Amberjack made there way to coolers as well. The trip back home was absolutely beautiful with calm seas and prevailing winds pushing the Gulfstar east back to the dock. Pool winners are as follows; Tom for his Mango Snapper and Cory with his Red Grouper.

May 21: Today had a nice breeze to keep things cool on the Sundance II. The fishing wasn’t bad either; plenty of nice Key West Snapper and Black Sea Bass filled stringers. Anglers also received a visit from a large Sea Turtle and Parrot Fish as well.

May 22: A lovely day with a few passing clouds and a gentle breeze greeted anglers upon arrival to the fishing grounds. The first stop was on fire producing lots of Key West Snapper and some Black Sea Bass. The “catching” slowed some at the later stops but did not prevent fish dinners tonight. Overall plenty of fish were caught.

May 23: Today Captain Ron reported a beautiful day with sunny skies, perfectly clear waters and breeze on todays trip. Everyone aboard caught a decent amount of Key West Snapper, Black Sea Bass, Sand Perch and also quite a few short Red Grouper and Gag grouper were caught and released unharmed. The Eagle Rays also returned to pay a visit to today’s anglers!! It was a great trip with great memories to share.

May 24: The beautiful weather and fishing continued from yesterday, with every stop Capt. Jeff made larger Key West Snapper and Black Sea Bass were filling stringers. Also a short Lane Snapper and Gag Grouper got a free meal before being released unharmed. This is the perfect time to fish with mild temps, calm seas and less crowds!

May 25: It was a hot day with south winds and a slower but steady bite of Key West Snapper and Black Sea Bass. A few Sand Perch and baby Red and Gag Grouper were released unharmed. Capt. Ron reported a few big Spanish Mackerel and Sea Turtles circling the boat as well. Everyone had a wonderful day and brought home a nice dinner.

As Always… Wishing you Tight Lines!

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