Hand-Held Low Cost Thermal Imaging


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First Mate

From the world’s most trusted name in thermal imaging comes First Mate, a recently released hand-held maritime thermal night vision camera. The perfect nighttime navigation aid, First Mate gives users the power to see navigation hazards more clearly, and from farther away, than ever before…even in total darkness. Built to survive the most demanding environmental conditions, First Mate is fully submersible, runs for over 5-hours on a single battery charge, and has more than 120-hours of standby battery life. Unlike image intensified night vision binoculars, thermal night vision cameras from FLIR make pictures from heat, not light. Using the same core thermal night vision technology as FLIR’s industry leading Navigator II, Voyager II and M-Series, you can rest assure that First Mate offers unparalleled quality and performance. FLIR, 877.773.3547,