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Hayabusa U.S.A., along with Japan’s Hayabusa Fishing Hooks Co., is proud to announce their first ever freshwater fishing U.S.A. National Pro Staff.

Ontario, California based Hayabusa U.S.A., Inc., along with Japan’s Hayabusa Fishing Hooks Co., Ltd. (“Hayabusa”), is proud to announce their first ever freshwater fishing U.S.A. National Pro Staff: FLW Tour Pro Casey Scanlon, Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Fred Roumbanis, FLW Tour Pro Pete Ponds and Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Skylar Hamilton.  


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Hayabusa is the #1 selling bass fishing hook in Japan and is also known for their popular saltwater line, including the world renown SABIKI® product. Yumi Shida is President of Hayabusa U.S.A., Inc. Here is what these pro anglers had to say about Hayabusa bass hooks:

“Hayabusa makes the sharpest and most innovative hooks I’ve ever used.” said Scanlon. “Their attention to detail and designs ensure I have the perfect hook for any situation and presentation.”

“Hook impact is the single most important thing when it comes to landing big fish.” said Roumbanis. “Hayabusa has the sharpest, smoothest and sturdiest hooks period!”

“I have one less concern when landing fish with Hayabusa hooks.” said Ponds. “The quality of Hayabusa is second to none and is certainly one of the most important tackle items in my boat.”

“With Hayabusa, I am hooking fish in parts of the mouth I never have before… those toughest parts.” said Hamilton. “Light line or heavy line, I always have them hooked good.”

Yosuke ‘Manny’ Toma, Hayabusa U.S.A., Inc, Executive Vice President, stated “I am extremely pleased these fantastic anglers believe in our Hayabusa products. We strive to produce the highest quality hooks in the industry and plan to continue providing our pro anglers and U.S.A. customers with innovative designs that make them successful anglers.

Press Contacts:
Yosuke ‘Manny’ Toma, Hayabusa U.S.A., Executive Vice President; [email protected]
Kurt Dove, Hayabusa U.S.A., General Manager; [email protected]