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HCB Launches New Website to Further Bolster Their Center Console Yachts Segment

VONORE, TN –  HCB Center Console Yachts™ launched the new to not only reflect the brand’s distinct personality, but to further develop the new product segment it created; the Center Console Yacht. HCB announced the segment descriptor earlier this year at the Miami International Boat Show, when it completed its rebrand and reincarnation of the classic Hydra-Sports brand.


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“This new site is the first marketing asset we’ve launched that completely tells the HCB Center Console Yachts story,” said VP of Product Strategy, Mike Yobe. “Between the details that make our product distinct, and our signature Crucero Experience™ customer journey, we have a unique brand story to tell, and this site covers it all.”

The new site features completely upgraded product photography and video assets, a section completely outlining its Crucero Customer Experience, and will soon add one of the best virtual build-a-boat modules in the industry. It also thoroughly explains the concept of the Center Console Yacht; HCB’s new, self-defined product classification. The company predicts this distinct positioning and the positive curiosity it will generate will have buyers of traditional, inboard cabin-style sport fishing yachts rethinking their next purchase.

“Between our Crucero buying experience and Factory Annex retail approach, HCB has created a distinct way of doing business our customer genuinely appreciates,” said CEO Elias De La Torre III. “This site tells that story well and will be an excellent conduit between our brand, retail partners, and customers. It will help connect all those points as prospects begin to do their pre-purchase research and see what we’re all about.”

HCB Center Console Yachts™ creates custom, offshore center console yachts for the discerning custom buyer. They offer models ranging from 39 to 53 feet, with a new 65-foot model being added this fall.

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