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Hell’s Bay Whipray Classic

With an established reputation of manufacturing the finest flats skiffs in existence, Hell’s Bay Boatworks is bringing back the original skiff that set the benchmark for shallow water performance. Developed through the visions of Flip Pallot and Chris Morejohn, the Whipray evolved with the growing need to reach backcountry shallows that proved difficult to access.


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Hell’s Bay Whipray Classic

Hell’s Bay is a shallow maze of creeks and mangrove-lined channels deep in the backcountry of Everglades National Park. Aptly named by flats fishing pioneers because it was “hell to get into and hell to get out of,” this shallow fishery was the birthplace of modern light tackle flats fishing. True to its namesake, the Whipray was named after stingrays spotted flapping their wings out of the water as they attempted to traverse and feed on the shallowest flats.

Fast-forward a few years and Hell’s Bay Boatworks is still a leader in shallow water performance. With guidance and insight from legendary angler Flip Pallot, the Whipray has re-emerged as the Whipray Classic. The passionate team of craftsmen are bringing back the molds and building upon the legendary foundation with modern advancements. If you are in the class of adventurous anglers that enjoys traveling back in time through windy creeks or across the shallowest flats, you are the perfect fit for the newly redesigned Whipray Classic. Like all Hell’s Bay skiffs, the Whipray Classic is built with a Kevlar hull with hand-laid, vacuum-bagged Core Cell construction. A bare bones skiff, this legend sports only the essentials including under gunnel rod tubes, push pole holder, poling platform, compass and jack plate. Poling effortlessly and capable or reaching treacherous shallows, the limited edition Whipray Classic is available with a side console or tiller package. If you want to own a classic you better act fast because this epic skiff won’t be available for long. Hell’s Bay Boatworks, 321.383.8223,

Boat Specs

L.O.A 16’4″
Beam 70″
Draft 3.5″
Weight 490 lb.
Max HP 60
MSRP (w/power & trailer) $41,000*
*Model shown with optional features

Evinrude E60DTL

Heading deep into the backcountry is no place for unreliability, and Envinrude lives up to the challenge with their powerful, efficient and maintenance free E-TECs. Suitable for small skiffs, this 60HP direct injection gets going in a hurry, while the intelligent engine management system makes more than 8 million calculations per second to keep everything running smooth. This small outboard also received an EPA Clean Air Excellence Award for minimal emissions. Plus, it only requires 87 octane fuel, unlike some two- and four-stroke outboards that require premium fuel. With available tiller you’ll have complete control. Evinrude,