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High Performance Binoculars for High Performance Boaters and Fishermen

Experience the Techno-Stabi Series

The FUJINON Techno-Stabi 1440 Binoculars offer great performance from moving vehicles or boats. These image stabilizing binoculars lock in on a subject to create a stabilized field of vision at a high magnification. Ideal for searching, monitoring and tracking from aircraft, vehicles and marine vessels. The more severe the conditions are, the more this binocular demonstrates its capabilities.


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Rugged– A polycarbonate and waterproof body with an IPX7 rating make these binoculars ideal for marine use.  These Binoculars have excellent impact resistance and are ideal for tough conditions on and off the water.  Floatation strap and MILSPEC hard case are included.

Sharp– See clearly at 14x magnification with these image stabilized binoculars. FUJINON lives up to its name with pristine multi-coated optics.

Powerful– The TS 1440 binoculars have a vibration correction range of ±5° allowing use in almost all scenarios.

Trusted– A trusted set of binoculars used by government organizations where precision and reliability is a necessity.