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Homosassa Fishing Report: I get ask this question this time of year. Where are all the sea trout at? I believe out in deep water up to 15 or 20 feet. Not all trout though are out in the deep water avoiding the very warm shallow water, a few hang out all summer near shore. These are some of the area’s that I have caught some nice catches of trout over the years during the month of August without having to run out to deep water. The Spoil Banks, next to the Homosassa channel near Hell’s Half Acre and around the Chassahowitzka channel near Bird Island. What these spots all have in common is deep water with good current. The best time to fish them is early morning, after a heavy rain and on a windy cloudy day. The best baits are the D.O.A. Deadly Combo and MirrOlure LiL Johns. The colors can vary day by day but if I could only chose two it would be root beer for the dark one and glow for the light one. I have had good luck with most every color soft plastic they make so a variety can mean the difference of catching or just casting. I believe lure’s and casting plugs would work great to, but the float grass almost always limits your lure to one hook. Live shrimp and pinfish most certainly will catch trout but this time of year the pinfish, catfish and sharks beat them to the bait most every time.


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Photo: Capt. William Toney

Redfish are my top catch right now and incoming tide is the best time to fish for them. The western facing points between Crystal River and Chassahowitzka are the best place’s to fish. Live shrimp and cut pinfish have been working well. If you set up on a point and do not catch a redfish with in 10 to 15 minute move on. The near shore rocks are still producing good catches of mangrove snapper, flounder, sea bass and grunts.

Scallops are in deep water just beyond the Bird Rack and a line running north/south of Homosassa marker #6. If you plan your scallop trip on low tide then the water should be around 5 feet. This weekend high tide will be very early morning with a low tide around midday.

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Capt. William Toney