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Starting to get that summer time heat but some large gator trout are hanging in the near shore waters. Some of the best areas are near Gomez Rock and south near Bird Island in Chassahowitzka. North near Gomez Rock the early morning is best as with the area to the south because there is south east wind to help with the drift of the boat but when the wind calms so does the trout bite. Trout are low light feeders and when it gets calm expect the bite to slow because the sunlight can penetrate the shallow water better. If this happens I like to head to deeper water, sometimes ten to twelve feet and at this depth the sunlight does not get to the bottom and most likely the tide change is on it’s way this far offshore. Moving water is also a strong part of a good trout bite. Best soft plastic colors have been dark like new penny, root beer and pinned on a red 1/8 oz. red jig head.


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The redfish bite is strong with lots of small fish mixed in with some in the slot. I will not elaborate on where the fish are because I believe they get the most pressure. I will not leave you hanging though and will try to explain on where to search for them when you are red fishing. The dynamic’s of our keys are changing on a yearly basis and what I have found is that to catch redfish you have to target them as you would south of us on the the west coast. Our keys are developing overhangs and under cut banks. The traditional rocky points just don’t seem to hold fish like they use to. Maybe it’s a summer thing with big tides but our river is getting larger from when I was a young man. I believe it is from salt water intrusion.
Scallop counts are very good for the Citrus County coastline and the season has opened a week early. Look for incoming tide early morning this coming weekend.

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