How to Tie the FG Knot

Laz here, to talk about the FG Knot, my go-to connection whether I’m fishing inshore or offshore, for connecting braid and fluorocarbon. One of the advantages of this knot is that its low profile allows it to slip easily through the guides avoiding hang ups, busted guide inserts, and all that bad stuff.


Lazaro Guerra

1. Take the braid tag end of the braid and put some tension it; you can use your mouth or anything you like to get it tight.


 How to Tie the FG Knot

2. Take your fluorocarbon and place it against the braid about 10 inches up.


 FG Knot instructions

3. Now, carefully wrap the fluoro UNDER the braid, on the right, then to the left, do this about 20 times — under right, under left, right, left, back and forth.


FG Knot

4. Now, take the braid tag end at the top and create a basic clinch knot; to do this, wrap it around your thumb, then remove your thumb and push it through. Do three or four of these clinch knots. 


5. Now, pull these clinch knots down tight against the stack and it will cinch up real nice. And there you have it, the FG knot quick and easy. Now you’re ready to go slay some fish!