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Hubbard’s Marina Fishing Report:
Inshore– Don’s Dock reports that their anglers around the docks have been pulling in spadefish, mangrove snapper, flounder, and even the occasional shark! They also reported seeing the tarpon rolling past their docks in the morning Just like at Hubbard’s Marina. They head offshore along the beaches on the morning outgoing tides and return to the protected back bays near sunset on the incoming tide. Sharks are plentiful in our near shore waters and they will feed on just about anything casted out, but we prefer to use really smelly cut bait like mullet, ladyfish and mackerel. Hubbard’s Marina offers whole mackerel in our bait freezer among the plentiful shrimp, sardines, cigar minnows, squid, sand flees clams and much more! When we headed out to the jetty there weren’t any anglers out there to get reports from. This means the pass is wide open for our local anglers, and were happy to report NO RED TIDE has been seen anywhere around our local area!


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Near shore– Our ten hour all day fishing trips have been doing okay on the grouper. We have had a little trouble finding them in the near shore waters and had to push out to the 100 foot stuff to find larger concentrations of them. On our most recent trip we had a super light load, barely enough to go out actually, but we still brought in over a dozen keeper red grouper all over 10lbs. The largest was over 17lbs! The boat also brought back plenty of snapper like the mangroves, lanes and beeliners but we ran a little too far to pick up the massive amounts of grey snapper we normally get on our ten hour all day fishing trips. We are happy to report thought that we HAVE NOT SEEN any red tide in our near shore waters anywhere around our fishing areas, and no dead fish have been found if you heard other-wise it was a sensationalized media lie! NO RED TIDE in our near shore waters at all, and if there was, we would call anyone with reservations coming up to cut off their live bait orders since all live bait would die in the wells and we call people to ensure they don’t have repertory issues that would be aggravated by the red tide, so feel confident when booking trips with Hubbard’s Marina.

Offshore– Our most recent 39 hour trips was one of the most successful fishing trips we have had in a month or so! The big mangroves just wouldn’t stop biting, we not only had a great night bite but then again they picked up in the early afternoon and we ended with over 300 of these yummy snapper. The fat amberjacks were plentiful and aggressive and we ended up with over 35 big boys. The average size for the jacks was in the 50-60lb range and the biggest was 71lbs! We also brought in nearly 50 grouper, most being red grouper and big scamps but there were a half dozen big gags as well! We also had a few beautiful kingfish while trolling and the largest one weighed in at over 40lbs. An angler even landed a 30lb cobia while fishing our last 39 hour and boy was he happy! Again, Hubbard’s Marina is happy to report absolutely NO RED TIDE anywhere to be found while fishing our offshore waters. If you have heard otherwise it’s simply a fabrication, you can trust the ORIGINAL party boat fishing fleet in the state of Florida! We have been dealing with this issue since 1928 and we know when we have a problem and this year RED TIDE IS NOT an issue in our area!

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