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Hubbard’s Marina Fishing Report:
Inshore– Kandra Jolley, from Green Bay, and her friends were fishing under the Johns Pass bridge at night the past week and they reported that the snook are aggressive and plentiful. We have included a photo of her large 38 inch snook in our report. They caught the big boy on cut bait on the bottom, but the slot-sized snook are feeding on live white bait and the live pinfish or grunts. We recommend 60lb fluorocarbon with a 3ot hook for these aggressive fish that live in or around the sharp structure. We are also getting plenty of snook around the docks during the day. Their favorite feeding times seem to be the tail end of the outgoing tides right now. Mackerel have started to make an appearance inside the pass again, and many jetty anglers are getting them on small live white bait or by using the Gotcha plugs we sell in our shop. Our favorite size is the 7/8ths ounce with the silver back. The sharks are still around but are thinning out it seems, if you want to land a toothy critter it’s best to target them before the water cools off too much.


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Kandra Jolley showing off a 38 inch snook she caught under the John's Pass bridge from the jetty. Photo: Hubbard's Marina

Near shore- Mackerel are back on the near shore artificial reefs, and we expect the kingfish to follow shortly after. The sailfish seem to be plentiful and aggressive right now we’re seeing them often in the 12-16 mile range. On one recent half day we saw 3 different sailfish working around the boat! The grey snapper have been consistent, but the coming cold fronts will have em’ chewing right up until the front passes by. Then once the front passes it takes 2-3 days for the waters to calm and clear up before the fish pick back up. The time it takes for the bite to recover depends on the strength of the cold front. The grouper bite seems to be firing up at the 90 foot range. We limited out on our last two ten hour trips aboard our private charter boat.

Offshore- The grouper bite has been great offshore, but unfortunately the red grouper shut down September 16th in federal waters. The snapper are still biting well but as the gulf cools they will get a bit tougher in the deeper water. All summer long the snapper spawn making them aggressive and plentiful of our coast. The jacks and red snapper are a nuisance now offshore since we can’t seem to get away from these ‘endangered’ fish. The best idea is to avoid the artificial wrecks. The cooler water will bring the blackfin tuna back in force to the gulf waters. Also, this makes the gag grouper more aggressive and plentiful closer to shore.

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