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Inshore- Keith Baker, from Buffalo New York, spent a great deal of time fish around Hubbard’s Marina early last week and he caught some really nice fish! He caught nice slot redfish and some big whiting while fishing with live shrimp weighted to bottom while moving up and down the beach behind our shop. Barry Conrad, from Pennsylvania, was catching some nice whiting as well but he was fishing from the north jetty of John’s Pass using live shrimp as well. Whiting are great eating and can be caught easily using shrimp weighted to bottom. George White, from Gulfport, caught some nice mackerel from the north jetty of John’s Pass using a gold casting spoon. He says the mackerel seems to have thinned out after the cold fronts last week, but we expect the beautiful weather to bring in clearer water and more bait. This will lure the kingfish and mackerel back to the beaches in force! The flounder are gearing up for their spawning season, and should start coming up left and right. They feed right on the bottom, and they love live shrimp or small white bait. Pompano have thinned out just like the mackerel following the recent fronts due mostly to the dirty water they caused with the rough weather, but as the water clears the pompano should start feeding again too on the beaches and in the pass.


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Near shore- Our half day trips are bringing in the kingfish! We landed two monster kings on Tuesday’s half day fishing trip. We caught a 20-25 pound fish while trolling on the way out, and then while drifting we put out our flat-lines and caught a king that was close to 33 pounds! Both these fish are featured in photos in this report. We are also nailing some nice cobia on our longer trips, like our ten hour. We are finding them in depths around 70 foot. The beeliners or vermillion snapper are spawning right now and were getting some fat ones on the ten hours. They are typically only found on our 12 or 39 hours because they are normally out in deeper water, but the spawning season has brought them closer to shore and they are fat! The red grouper have relaxed a bit with these recent cold fronts, but we expect them to be on fire by the time this report gets in your inbox due to the beautiful weather we have in the forecast! Whenever the gulf calms down, the water clears up and the temperature starts to rise. This causes the grouper to become super aggressive and we tend to do very well in the near shore waters.

Offshore- Recently we haven’t made it out in the deeper offshore waters. However, by the time your receiving this report we will have had a 12 hour night snapper come in and a 39 hour trip so we will have a great offshore report on our next email. Feel free to check in on our Facebook page to see how these trips did!

What’s coming up at Hubbard’s marina-
We have two Kayak inshore guided fishing trips coming up in May! The two trips will both be Tuesday mornings from 7am till 11am. The first is May 13th and the second is May 27th ! The trip is 25$ for the guided fishing trip. We give a special 49.99$ 5 hour kayak rental if you don’t already have your own, so it would be 75$ in total if you need to rent a kayak too!

We also have a Kayak Mother ship May 7th ! We will be going out 25-30 miles from shore to fish for amberjacks out of kayaks! Space is limited, so book now! This trip is $400 and the price includes meal ticket and 2 dozen pinfish tax and tip. Ride along spectators with no Kayak can ride the trip for $60 this price includes trip fare, meal ticket, tax and tip.

We have two more Friday night Shark trips in the month of May! The first trip is May 2nd from 7pm till midnight. The second one is May 23rd with the same times. On our first couple shark trips we did really well! The big shark we caught was a 7ft black tip, but we have also caught a few large Tiger sharks over 6 feet, and finally we have landed some large hammerheads. The shark trips have changed drastically from last year. We don’t offer shark trips on the party boats anymore. This year these trips are aboard our private charter boat, the Hub. We only allow 8 passengers, and we only supply the best possible shark tackle. We have also perfected the chum, and on the smaller quieter fiberglass private charter boat with no running generator were attracting the big boys. Join us for some night shark fishing fun!

We also offer 5 hour night fishing trips aboard our party boat every Saturday night. This trip is only $55 compared to the $150 shark trip on the hub, it’s much cheaper but the chances for catching a big shark are diminished. You still have a shot for sharks, and even some grey snapper on these trips. If you’re tired of the same half day trip every time you come out with us, this trip will be a cool alternative! You will have a beautiful view of the sunset from offshore as well!

During May we will have three 39 hour trips! The first trip in the month of May is a special Mutton snapper 39 hour. We will be going to a different area south of the Elbow to target these snapper as they head north from their southern spawning grounds. The second 39 hour will be Friday May 16^th and on this trip we will be taking our regular route to target the species we typically catch. The final 39 hour in May is RED SNAPPER OPENER! We will be leaving Saturday May 31^st NOT Friday like normal, this is because we want to start fishing as red snapper season opens! These 39 hour trips offers 20 hours of fishing time 70-100 miles from shore, PLUS a two-day bag limit!

The 63 hour Pelagic Magic trip May 1st  four days Thurs to Sunday 63 hour trolling trip for big game fish and chunk fishing for sword fish and Mako sharks in 1500’ of water limited to 22 anglers.

During May, we have two more 12 hour night snapper trips. The first will be on the Full moon May 16th from 7pm till 7am and the second is May 30th on the new moon with the same times. On these trips we go 20-30 miles out for mangrove snapper, come join us!

During May, we have two day twelve hour specialty trips! These will be 12 hour long-range day trips. The day trips are Thursdays only, and we will be going 40-60 miles out to target large amberjack and red grouper. The first trip will be May 8th from 7am till 7pm and the second one will be May 22nd with the same times!

May 24th is our annual kids fishing tournament at Hubbard’s Marina! If your kids enjoy fishing, make sure to pay close attention to our upcoming emails we will be adding more information as the tournament approaches!

Are you looking for a summer fishing camp to keep your kids busy this summer? If they like to fish, look NO FURTHER! Hubbard’s Marina is partnering with Florida Fantasy kid’s fishing camp to offer some really unique camps here at Hubbard’s Marina at the beginning of August. They also have plenty of other camps during the earlier parts of the summer, but of course the camp hosted by Hubbard’s Marina will be the best fit for your kids! Why fish inshore, when your kids can go offshore on our Coast guard inspected 44ft private charter boat, the Hub! For more information on the camps, and what they offer, or to book a spot check out their website: