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Inshore – Katrina McDaniel, from Tennessee, was fishing with her Husband around the beach behind Hubbard’s Marina and the north Jetty of Johns Pass. They reported the flounder were hitting live shrimp weighted to bottom. They caught the most flounder at the end of an incoming tide. On the slack tide they reported the whiting were biting on squid also weighted to the bottom. Don’s Dock reports that the sheepshead are still biting on live shrimp around their dock’s pilings. The tarpon and snook are piling up inside Johns Pass at night! The dock lights from midnight till around 5 am are full of bait, ladyfish, silver mullet, snook and large tarpon. The tarpon seem to love the flushing pass crabs or the medium sized lady fish. They will also take cut ladyfish as well!


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Photo: Whale shark spotted on one of our limited out 12 hour red snapper trips at Hubbard's marina.

Near shore – The near shore waters have been plentiful as of late with large snapper, hogfish, sea bass and grouper! The red grouper are even biting on our half day trips currently, especially when we can find the clear water. The slime and algae is still fairly thick in the near shore waters but it is becoming easier for our captains to avoid. The hogfish are taking live shrimp and nekid ball jigz. The grey snapper are tearing up the squid chunks. The red grouper love squid strips cut to imitate the octopus tentacles which are their favorite snacks in the near shore waters.

Offshore – The offshore fishing is HOT right now with the red snapper opening with a bang! First 4 days of red snapper we limited out 3 times on our 12 hour day trips, and the only day we didn’t we were handicapped by weather causing fishing to be extra tough. If the weather holds we plan to limit out daily until our red snapper season ends on July 14^th since we operate federally permitted for-hire vessels, even though we wanted to avoid sector separation. The 39 hour trips offshore have had a bit more trouble limiting out but were still catching beautiful red snapper. The issue in the grounds is either all red snapper or no red snapper. To combat this, on our next 39 hour our captains put their heads together to come up with the best win win situation possible. They plan to hit the grounds to fill up on grouper and mangroves in the beginning of the trip, before bouncing inshore to limit out on red snapper during the day.

*Written by: Captain Mark and Dylan Hubbard*

Captain Jack’s dolphin corner (sightseeing report)

Dolphins are becoming even more active around our local area and inside Boca Ceiga bay! They are grouping up not only due to the warmer weather, but also so their young can congregate with similar aged dolphins.

The Younger more immature dolphins form large playgroups that travel along with large groups of adults. The inexperienced younger dolphins learn social hierarchy in these groups while learning how to become a part of the group. The older dolphins also use this time to teach their young how to hunt often playing ‘catch’ with stunned fish showing the young dolphins how to use their sonar to hunt their prey.

Egmont Key has tons of sea turtles around the area recently and now they are beginning their nesting season. Egmont already has about 10 marked loggerhead sea turtle nests being monitored by the FWC.

Snorkeling out at Egmont key is stellar right now with the clear water, plentiful fish and experienced crew willing to help out in whatever way they can. If you’ve been thinking about heading to the island now is the time to enjoy the clear beautiful water!

If you are a bird watcher then you should try our dolphin watching nature cruise and eco tour asap. The reason for the fish is that we only have a few baby pelicans and anhinga left currently.

Want to go shelling with friends or family? If so, Hubbard’s marina has the trip for you! We offer a shell key trip three times weekly from our main location down to shell key. During the day this island gets busy and hot and doesn’t offer much entertainment. However, we take you out there at 10am before the crowds arrive. Once on the island you have about an hour to shell and collect your treasures. The rid there gives you a great sightseeing cruise and the ride back allows us time to hunt for dolphin along our beautiful beaches.

Hubbard’s Marina has also started up our 11am dolphin trips that are running on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. These are very unique early dolphin watching nature cruise and eco tours that guarantee dolphin sightings. However, advanced reservations become more important for these trips to ensure they are not cancelled the night before you arrive.

Hubbard’s Marina is now offering a 9am shell key shelling trip from our main location inside Johns Pass. This trip is offered Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays till noon. It offers an hour on the island shelling, an hour ride down to the island in the back bays looking for dolphins, and a forty five minute ride back to Johns Pass along the beautiful beaches.

Hubbard’s Marina is now offering a 2pm ferry ride on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays in addition to the daily ferry rides at 10 or 11am. The 2pm ferry offers a 2^nd snorkeling trip which allows even more guests to enjoy this unique option.

*Written by: Captain Mark and Dylan Hubbard*

Upcoming up at Hubbard’s Marina

June 1st marks red snapper opener and it won’t close till July 14th! We now have 44 days of red snapper and we have adjusted our specialty trip schedule to reflect this longer season. Please go check out the newly updated 2015 specialty schedule to see what trips you’d like to join during this red snapper season! Also, keep in mind that the first two weeks of July gag grouper and red snapper season will overlap making advanced reservations highly important. Jacks will be CLOSED June and July however, keep this in mind.

The HUB is now able to run red snapper private charters! We can take 6 people or less up to 100 miles from shore allowing us to target these fish 35-60 miles from shore. If you take 7-14 people we can’t go out for red snapper but we could do red grouper, gags, snapper, sharks, goliath grouper, hogfish and trolling trips. Contact Mike Belot, the Hubbard’s Marina charter sales specialist, to set up charters (727)393-1947 ext 410.

Red snapper trips will be the 12 hour day trips, 39 hour trips, and the July 3^rd full moon 44 hour! We can also get red snapper on Hub trips of 10 hours or longer with 6 or less guys on board. Do NOT expect red snapper on any other trips than the ones listed above.

The next 63 hour deep drop trip will be August 6^th , 2015. To see the full 2015 specialty trip schedule simply visit our site, click specialty trips, and then click the 2015 specialty trip schedule button on the top right side of the page. We will be heading 150 west of Johns Pass to fish 600-1,000 foot of water. You will need to have your own electric reel set up to fish this trip. We will be targeting large snowy grouper, yellow edge grouper, gags, warsaw and more! We will also be targeting barrel fish, tilefish, unique deep water snapper and other species not normally caught on our shallower water trips. This deep water 63 hour trips also offer great trolling opportunities for sailfish, marlin, mahi, wahoo, tuna and more!

REMEMBER, Jacks close down June and July so don’t expect to take these guys home during these months. August first they re-open!

Ever wanted to try kayak fishing? Hubbard’s Marina offers kayak rentals at our beach cabana location and also at our main location inside Johns Pass. When you rent a kayak or paddleboard with us you have the option to go alone or with a guide. That guide could be a fishing guide or a sightseeing guide!

*Written by: Captain Mark and Dylan Hubbard*

Galley corner – BIMINI SNAPPER recipe

Red Snapper season is here and they are firing! What an opening day, I limited out in 10 minutes! Naturally since they are going to be SO plentiful I will feature them in my recipes all month. This one is great for summer because it’s light and refreshing. I had it in the Keys with my family years ago and it has been a summer time staple ever since. You all will love it!



1/4 pineapple, chopped

1 each red, orange & yellow peppers, chopped

1 red onion, chopped

2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar

3 tbsp. brown sugar

1/2 can coconut milk

2 red snapper fillets

Olive oil

Salt & pepper

First make the chutney by sautéing the vinegar and brown sugar until dissolved. Add the vegetables and fruit and toss, then the coconut milk. Sauté on medium about 15 minutes to reduce the liquid. Fry the red snapper in olive oil with salt & pepper on medium high to crisp each side, about 4-5 minutes. Then top with the chutney and bake in a 400 degree oven for 10 -20 minutes, depending on the thickness of the fillets.

Serve over 3 roasted sweet potato wedges and enjoy, and don’t forget to EAT MORE FISH!!!!

Brought to you all specially from Alyson, your galley chef!


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