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Inshore– Steve Miller, from Maryland, reported that the redfish, sheepshead and flounder were the popular fish the past few days he had been fishing from the Jetty. He caught some small flounder, three monster sheepshead, and two nice redfish. The redfish loved the larger live shrimp on the bottom. The sheepshead were taking smaller bits of shrimp near the pilings. Mr. Miller reported that when fishing for sheepshead he was also getting mangrove snapper and pinfish biting as well. Mike Butterick, a St. Petersburg local, also reported catching a beautiful redfish with live shrimp from the beach just north of the Jetty. Tom Leone, from Leroy New York, caught a beautiful bonnet head shark from the South jetty of Johns Pass. We also saw some great bonnetheads, hammerheads and blacktips caught around Johns pass on Instagram this week as well. Don’s Dock reported seeing anglers haul in lots of redfish this past week. This is a dramatic increase over last few weeks Don’s Dock owner Jason reported. He also said they were biting shrimp there as well.


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Near shore– The grey snapper have been doing well near shore on our 5 and 10 hour fishing trips. The red grouper have been voracious and hard to avoid, even though they are considered ‘endangered’. The gag bite has been great between fronts when we have had great weather to get offshore. They are biting best the days leading up to these large cold fronts. The kingfish and mackerel are getting to be fewer and further between but were still picking at them in the offshore waters.

Offshore– Our last 39 hour was a bit rough but we ended up with a nice catch, and our experienced long range anglers were unaffected. We brought home a large pile of fat mangrove snapper. The largest mangrove snapper was 9lbs but the boat came in with over 200 of these yummy snapper. We also wrangled in a monster 38lb kingfish while flat-lining large live bait during our non-stop bottom fishing action. Our experienced guests also wrestled in 6 monster gag grouper! Unfortunately we had some giant amberjack that were caught, but had to be released since they were closed down. They were so plentiful and aggressive it was tough to get our live baits past them to the gags down on the bottom structure.

Captain Jack’s dolphin corner

Big news from Egmont key! The FWC had reports of two young bald eagles hanging around Egmont in a courting ritual. They were out on the island to investigate possible nesting locations in order to fortify them from predators. Lani and Captain Jeff were very excited to see these unique birds of pretty out on Egmont key which is something that hasn’t been seen in over 20 years!

Also at Egmont key, the beach re-nourishment project has started on the north end of the island around Battery Melon. This means they are dredging up large amounts of sand from offshore sand bars to place on the island. Shelling opportunities during this project will be better than ever thanks to the fresh loads of sand and shells from the sea floor that have never been within reach before!

Temperatures have dropped again behind the recent front. After that happened we have been unable to spot manatees locally, but in early spring they will herd together again for their southern journey back into Boca Ciega bay and Tampa Bay.

Sea birds will start their annual nesting process soon! This means they will start to dawn their mating plumage to find a suitable mate for the upcoming year. Once the birds mate then the nesting will begin. We hope to follow this process with a local Great blue heron or white snowy egret to show our fans online the delicate process!

This is a special time of year for our sunset cruises. Due to the limited time before we have to cruise offshore to view the sunset we change our route up a bit. Right now the sunset cruises leave our docks then head to Dog leg Key to watch all the seabirds return from their day of hunting on our beaches before heading out to watch a beautiful sunset, and it’s hard to forget we offer FREE beer and wine the entire cruise!

Remember the reports of the dolphins herding up into large groups from our last report? We said we would try and find out why, and we have with the help of a local captain. Captain Bob Dow says that the local dolphin pods merge into large herds this time of year to school up the massive groups of black mullet that are pouring into the gulf this time of year to spawn. The dolphins need the larger numbers to control these massive schools of fish.

Upcoming up at Hubbard’s Marina

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We only have two more 39 hour overnight fishing trips this year! The first is December 5th and the second is on the 19th of December. Gags will be closed during these trips, but we still have mangrove snapper, porgies, vermillion, scamp, strawberries and many other fish to go after, plus the crowds are gone!

Want to try a specialty trip in 2015? Our specialty trip schedule will be posted to our website by the first or second week of December. When this happens, then you will be able to book any of our 12 hour night trips, 12 hour day trips, 39 hours, 44 hour full moon snapper trips, or 63 hour deep drop/pelagic trips! To see the 2014 specialty schedule, or to see where the 2015 schedule will be posted simply visit the specialty trips section of our website and then click Specialty trips schedule the green button on the top right hand side! Also, make sure all your fishing buddies are signed up for this weekly email so all your friends will hear about our specialty trips as well! You also have the option to forward this message to friends to ensure no one misses out on the important announcements.

Hubbard’s marina is excited to announce we plan to offer some unique kayaking trips next year. We want to offer nature cruises, sightseeing, meditation, and island trips all from kayak and paddle boards with our experienced guides. Would you enjoy something like this? Give our kayak rentals a call to inquire about information and bookings. We can always schedule you privately or you can wait till a regularly scheduled trip!

We also have TWO offshore kayak trips coming up spring 2015! Think you could handle kayak fishing in 100 plus foot of water?

Reservations become imperative this time of year! If you do not have a reservation we cannot forecast our trips appropriately and we may end up canceling a trip you plan to do if you do not make your reservations. Also, once you have reservations if we have to cancel due to the cold fronts that will be starting soon we will be able to call and let you know or warn you of the adverse weather.


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