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Inshore – William Richards, from Palm Harbor, reported the sheepsheads were biting well underneath the Johns pass bridge. He was fishing with his aunt Bridgett using live shrimp weighted to the bottom. This happy young angler was also happy to report he was catching plenty of lady fish too! Victor Vizaro, from Pinellas Park, reported the snook bite at night is on fire along the beaches and they are stacked inside the passes. He said the best bites were happening at the tail end of incoming tide before it slacked off. Victor also commented that the lights from piers or bridges help to congregate the snook for the free-lined pinfish, grunts or threadfins. Christina Rastom, from Wesley Chapel, caught pompano, whiting, mangroves and a shovelnose shark from the North jetty of Johns Pass. She was fishing early morning on the outgoing tide with live shrimp weighted to bottom.


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Near shore – The hogfish bite has turned on recently at Hubbard’s Marina. Were catching more daily on live shrimp than any of the past weeks thanks to the green slime easing off a bit, but we still have to dodge it occasionally. The grey snapper have been a bit tougher but were still catching them steadily daily. The kingfish have been no shows recently in the near shore waters, but we are still picking them offshore. Cobias have been the pelagic fish spotted most often recently in the near shore waters. The red grouper bite is improving in the clearer water pockets but the slime has still be plaguing us, but seems to have eased off a bit allowing us to find clear water more easily as of late.

Offshore – On our recent 39 hour at Hubbard’s Marina we did really well on the scamp grouper, red grouper, mangrove snapper, amberjack and more! The kingfish bit well for us while trolling offshore along with some mackerel and bonita that we used for bait later in the trip. While night fishing at the beginning of the trip we caught a blackfin tuna on our flat line using a free lined pinfish. We also caught tons of mangrove snapper, porgies, lane snapper, vermillion snapper and some yellow tails. During the day the red grouper and scamp grouper were biting well and we hit a wreck to load up on big amberjack before they close down June first. The scamps were biting really well and allowed many to get their limits of scamp. Were pumped for the upcoming red snapper season, hope you can join us for one of the 44 days in this upcoming June 1^st – July 14^th red snapper season!

Captain Jack’s dolphin corner

The newborn baby dolphin is now two weeks old! It has been named Kai, and it’s just too cute. It is still sporting its fetal folds which are the stripes visible on the newborn baby dolphins.

Lots of Manatees recently around Boca Ceiga bay! Even some small baby manatees mixed in with the juvenile manatees. Egmont key has tons of manatees too, were spotting them almost daily!

Snorkeling right now is incredible at Egmont key. Water visibility is a 9 out of 10 and we can see about 15 foot down! The ruins have lots of fish around it currently too.

Dolphins playful around Egmont Key even though we don’t guarantee dolphin sightings aboard the ferry we are seeing them often. There is even a baby dolphin around Egmont key too!

Still some time to see baby birds nesting on Dog Leg Key via our dolphin watching nature cruise and eco tour! Baby pelicans are the most plentiful currently as nesting season comes to a close.

Hubbard’s Marina has also started up our 11am dolphin trips that are running on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. These are very unique early dolphin watching nature cruise and eco tours that guarantee dolphin sightings. However, advanced reservations become more important for these trips to ensure they are not cancelled the night before you arrive.

Hubbard’s Marina is now offering a 9am shell key shelling trip from our main location inside Johns Pass. This trip is offered Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays till noon. It offers an hour on the island shelling, an hour ride down to the island in the back bays looking for dolphins, and a forty five minute ride back to Johns Pass along the beautiful beaches.

Hubbard’s Marina is now offering a 2pm ferry ride on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays in addition to the daily ferry rides at 10 or 11am. The 2pm ferry offers a 2^nd snorkeling trip which allows even more guests to enjoy this unique option.

Upcoming up at Hubbard’s Marina

June 1st marks red snapper opener and it won’t close till July 14th! We now have 44 days of red snapper and we have adjusted our specialty trip schedule to reflect this longer season. Please go check out the newly updated 2015 specialty schedule to see what trips you’d like to join during this red snapper season! Also, keep in mind that the first two weeks of July gag grouper and red snapper season will overlap making advanced reservations highly important. Jacks will be CLOSED June and July however, keep this in mind.

The HUB is now able to run red snapper private charters! We can take 6 people or less up to 100 miles from shore allowing us to target these fish 35-60 miles from shore. If you take 7-14 people we can’t go out for red snapper but we could do red grouper, gags, snapper, sharks, goliath grouper, hogfish and trolling trips. Contact Mike Belot, the Hubbard’s Marina charter sales specialist, to set up charters (727)393-1947 ext 410.

Red snapper trips will be the 12 hour day trips, 39 hour trips, and the July 3^rd full moon 44 hour! We can also get red snapper on Hub trips of 10 hours or longer with 6 or less guys on board. Do NOT expect red snapper on any other trips than the ones listed above.


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