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HullSpeed Performance Marine Coatings

Saratoga Springs, NY–HullSpeed® Performance Marine Coatings is proud to partner with FL Sport Fishing. You don’t normally find eco-friendly combined with high performance but with these coatings, you do. The HullSpeed® technology is a water-borne, non-toxic, low VOC hull coating designed to improved hull speed, fuel economy, abrasion/impact protection, and hull cleanliness.  HullSpeed® coatings are eco-friendly foul-release products and do not contain anti-fouling agents.


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Anglers around the world have used HullSpeed® products on everything from fishing kayaks to trophy boats. With origins in the marine racing markets, HullSpeed® coatings have been makings boats go faster for over 15 years. For shallow water anglers, getting your skiff over grass, logs, sand, and more has never been easier. Want your trolling motor battery to last longer? Go to Care to save on fuel and run more efficiently? Go to Want to add life to your hull and decrease the adhesion/cross contamination of aquatic invasive species and other marine pollutants? Apply HullSpeed®. A range of products are available to cover all of your boating needs. From racing to recreation, HullSpeed® coatings are the smart and eco-friendly choice for your hull. Call or go online today.