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IGFA Record Snook Caught on SpoolTek Lure

Jupiter, FL– Angler Manuel Zambrano Dufau officially broke the International Game Fish Association men’s 30-pound (15-kg) line class world record for Pacific black snook with a 58-pound 9-ounce specimen caught in February of last year. The previous record for the line class stood at 57 pounds 12 ounces. Zambrano caught the record snook in Rio Bayano, Panama on a SpoolTek 9-inch Stretch in the Great Sardini color pattern.


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“I confirm that we have recently approved Manuel Zambrano Dufau’s 58-pound 9-ounce Pacific snook as the new men’s 15-kg (30-pound) line class world record,” said Jack Vitek, Outreach and Education Manager at the IGFA. “I also confirm that this is the second heaviest snook ever recorded by the IGFA, and the heaviest snook ever recorded by the IGFA that was caught on an artificial lure.”

Zambrano’s fish was less than a pound shy of the all-tackle world record caught in 2014 in Costa Rica. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I [would] catch a fish of this weight,” said Zambrano. He credits SpoolTek’s patented technology: “Concealed Leader Technology played a major role in boating this trophy fish—I was able to use a lighter leader to entice her to bite. The leader deployment gave me the peace of mind that the fish [would] not be able to fray the leader.” Zambrano added “I usually use 60 pound [fluorocarbon] but now I am using 40 pound.”

SpoolTek Lures feature a concealed steel leader that deploys after hook-up, allowing anglers to use lighter line/leader for a stealthier presentation. The deployed leader provides superior abrasion resistance and distances the lure from the fish’s mouth, dramatically reducing lost fish due to shake-off. SpoolTek’s Concealed Leader Technology holds several international patents.

“Since the beginning, SpoolTek lures have shown a knack for catching big fish, whether snook, bass or other species. Manuel’s record further validates the benefits of our Concealed Leader Technology and grows SpoolTek’s reputation as a big fish bait. Congratulations to Manuel on setting the record, said Chris Walsh, CEO & Co-Inventor of SpoolTek Lures.”

Zambrano also currently holds the IGFA’s all-tackle length record for the Pacific black snook.

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