Illuminated Fine Art Glass

Anglers and boaters rarely consider the tremendous effort required to design, manufacture and service the countless components and accessories that enhance our on-the-water experiences.


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Skilled craftsmen design and assemble many of these essentials right here in Florida. We wanted to learn more abut these companies and are confident that you, too, will be fascinated with what we uncover.

…Pete employs several sandblasting techniques to create various effects with texture, toning and shading.

Even after a long day on the water, fishermen can’t seem to get their minds off the ocean. The draw to the sea and the adventures we experience while chasing game fish are forever engrained in our memories. However to keep the spirit alive, anglers never stop fantasizing and often surround themselves with fine art to commemorate trophy catches and reminisce special days on the water.

Whether displayed on the salon window of a sportfish, shower door at home, glass partition, tabletop or backsplash in the kitchen, custom designed and fabricated fine art glass beautifully compliments any room and offers a truly unique way to share your passion for the marine environment.

Located in Pompano Beach, FL, Krystal Glass Company creates one-of-a-kind custom etched, carved, illuminated and painted fine art glass for enthusiasts of all types. In-house artist/owner Peter Edward Jurgens has been creating stunning masterpieces for over 30 years. Pete’s abilities are unmatched in the industry and each of his renowned creations is 100-percent custom made, which means any species and any scene you can dream up can be specified and created. Pete’s unique style is achieved with freehand designs and his special expertise of a wide array of etching techniques requires meticulous detail and precision, not to mention an incredibly steady hand. With decades of experience and countless hours of labor invested in each piece, Pete brings any size or style glass or mirror to life with extraordinary marine scenes.

While there are numerous methods used to create fine art glass, Pete employs several sandblasting techniques to create various effects with texture, tone and shading. His style of tonal glass etching results in a multi-shaded effect, which creates a stunning three-dimensional look when illuminated with LED lights.

For this particular project a local restaurant commissioned a design with two marlin busting through a school of juvenile tuna, with the full action of the sea highlighted by sun rays beaming down from the heavens.

For illuminated fine art glass, the process starts with low iron glass, which is nearly colorless. It does not have the inherent green tone of typical glass and provides impressive light transmission. It achieves this illuminating effect because it is made with high quality grades of silica sand that are almost totally void of iron oxides. While there are several brands of low iron glass available, Pete prefers Starphire or Optiwhite glass for his carved and illuminated fine art glass because they do not distort the colors of the LED lights.

Pete listens intently to each client’s desires to achieve the exact look they want. After a custom designed sketch is confirmed with the client and approved on paper, Pete freehand draws the scene on a rubber stencil material (Image 1). What’s interesting about the process is that the design is actually reversed (Image 2) and Pete carves on only one side of the glass. The finished carving is viewed from the opposite side, with the light perfectly highlighting the flowing tones to provide detailed shapes, shadings and contours.

Once the rubber stencil material has been transferred and fitted along the glass, in this case ¼” tempered Optiwhite glass, Pete begins cutting out select elements of the design with an X-Acto knife (Image 3). He then begins the rigorous process of etching select pieces of the design (Image 4). As Pete works his way from bottom to top he must intermittently stop to reveal additional elements from the artwork in a specific sequence. With this meticulous process, certain elements of the artwork can be carved to different depths to achieve various shadings (Image 5). This multi-step freehand process requires numerous hours of labor, but results in a true-to-life marine masterpiece that can’t be duplicated. It is important to note that even a single minor error and the entire piece is scrapped. The end result must be nothing short of absolute perfection.

When the etching is complete, the glass is ready for final installation and carefully transferred and mounted to its designated frame (Image 6). Within the frame, LED lighting (Image 7) illuminates through the edges of the glass to create an inspiring and enlightening scene. The LED lighting features a wide spectrum of colors that can be controlled via a wireless remote. Display any color or shade, or progressively fade through the entire spectrum (Image 8).

Perfect for any outdoor or indoor living space, illuminated fine art glass showpieces from Krystal Glass Company and leading artist Peter Edwards Jurgens evoke the thrill of your fondest fishing memories. Whether it’s for your home, office or yacht, let the illuminated marine scenes from Krystal Glass Company light up your life and put you back in the cockpit, even if it is for an imaginary moment.