Increase The Wow-Effect With Abyss Technology

Abyss Technology is one of the leading innovators of underwater lights – the first and original manufacturer of underwater lights not requiring thru-hull installation – and bases their products on LED Technology to ensure longevity, safety and reliability. The exceptional low electrical power draw of LEDs avoids significant battery drainage (from 1.0 to 3.0 amp/hour).


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Abyss lights

Proudly designed and assembled in the USA, Abyss lights are designed to be surface-mounted, allowing a substantial saving on installation time. A 3/16″ hole is all that is required to pass the power wire through the transom, so there’s no need to drill a huge hole in your precious hull.

The latest product in their extensive lineup is the S-1515, an extremely powerful light with 15 LEDs which illuminate up to 100-feet! The super-bright S-1515 has a 120-degree beam angle and draws 3 amps at 12 volts. All Abyss lights are designed for easy installation and high efficiency. Manufactured from marine grade bronze with impact resistant tempered glass and carefully assembled and sealed, Abyss underwater lights are totally waterproof. Lights are equipped with 5′ of electrical wire and an external voltage regulator to protect against battery charge fluctuations. Abyss, 954.772.2022,