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Indian River Lagoon

I would like to begin this week’s report by letting everyone know the speckled perch (crappie) bite is on as week kick off our Central Florida Shad and Crappie Derby. The above photo is of 7 year old Tyler Atkins proudly displaying his winning crappie at the Annual Boat Tree Marina Kids Crappie Derby.


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As for American shad, as far as I know none have been caught yet. I’ve heard rumors of shad being caught as written in the Orlando paper, but neither myself or any of me sources have caught any shad. The season is just around the corner, and I’m planning on a search and destroy mission tomorrow, so you will be the first to know of my success.

Although the wind has relaxed some this week on the Mosquito Lagoon and North Indian River Lagoons, the water conditions have remained high and dirty. It seems we still have some alga bloom remaining even after we have passed the middle of winter, so sight fishing is not good. We are still managing to catch both redfish and sea trout, but we have resorted to blind casting white jerk baits with Pro Cure Ladyfish scent applied. Our best results have been coming from fishing just off of the shoreline in 18-inches of water and most of the fish caught this past week were in or around the slot.

In closing, I am in the final stages of designing and developing my new website and after the new website is up this report will be enhanced in a blog format. No worries though because I will continue to post in the Constant Contact format, with the only change being to read the entire article you will need to follow the links to the blog. Please stay tuned for more details as they develop.

As always, if you have questions on need more information, please contact me.

Good luck and good fishing,
Captain Tom Van Horn
Mosquito Coast Fishing Charters