Press Releases

Inno introduces Fishing Rod Box and Rod Holders


Prior to the 2021 fishing season, INNO had only had the most advanced interior car rod holders, we are excited to announce the new Rod Box with the capability to adjust from the short position (7 ft 2 inches) to medium (8 ft 1in) and long position (9 ft 0in) with the ability to hold up to 8 rod and reels. Included are all keys and locks and a cushion with dimpled surface to reduce shock and movement while driving. The INNO ROD BOX is the product angler’s desire.




New for the 2021 fishing season is the vastly improved family of in car rod holders-IF14G, IF16G and IG18G. The new mounting system allows for directly mount onto the grab handles without having to remove the handle like previous editions. The IF14G is capable of holding 7 rods via a “J” hook, both the IF16G/IF18G is a dual hold type which is compatible with 22-33mm grip diameters and 16mm on the tip side, accommodating for freshwater, saltwater and fly rods.  Because the in Rod Holders itself contoured to the curvature of the interior roof, head space stays roomy and comfortable even when fishing rod are loaded.