Inshore 16

For budget conscious inshore anglers, or for the crowd who is just looking for a no-nonsense versatile skiff, the catchy Inshore 16 may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Go ahead and take a close look. What you’ll see is a modular, lightweight craft with endless possibilities. Some call it a fancy Jon boat, while others refer to this vessel as a flats boat, tender, or simply as a skiff. Whatever you choose, with an Inshore 16 it’s all up to you. Rig it your way now or anytime in the future. Add a forward casting deck, one or two benches, a couple of seats, a baitwell, a console, you decide – no other skiff makes it as easy to get it or to make it your way. Thanks to Inshore Power Boats there is now an affordable alternative to high priced flats skiffs with a craft that may very well be the most versatile shallow water platform to hit the market in decades.


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Inshore 16

Start with a simple hull and consider the different layout options. Notice the ‘step’ that runs around the interior gunwale? This small ledge is where the deck and bench pieces sit. This modular concept makes custom designing the Inshore 16 to your exact specifications as simple as possible, all while maintaining a clean, sharp look. Complete with molded surface and non-skid, you will find no better example of maintenance-free simplicity. Check out the Inshore 16 for yourself; we know you’ll agree. Inshore Power Boats, 904.576.1353,


L.O.A 16′
Beam 6′
Hull Weight 430 lbs.
Draft 6″

The Bottom Line
At first glance, the Inshore 16 may appear plain, but after careful consideration, you’ll realize that what you are looking at is the makings of an extraordinary technical poling skiff that you can easily customize to be your own.

Inshore Power Boats was conceived when Tom Mitzlaff, former owner of legendary flats skiff manufacturer Mitzi Skiffs, decided to design a modular 16-foot skiff unlike any other backcountry boat in existence. Tom originally designed the boat years ago and had the project on the drawing board, but eventually scrapped the idea due to bad timing. Now that the economy has taken an unfortunate downturn and Tom has officially parted with Mitzi Skiffs, he decided the timing is much better and has re-launched the innovative project. Inshore Power Boats is currently based in Jacksonville, although plans are in place to relocate the manufacturing facility further south. Visit the company’s website for the latest updates.

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1. Versatility
Perfect for any shallow water estuary, the Inshore 16 will get you on the shallowest flats, in the skinniest of creeks, and deep into the backcountry – all with little fuel and few expenses.

2. Affordability
Base boat, motor and trailer package available for under $9,000! Add a few options, include an electric trolling motor and select a larger horsepower outboard, and you’re still fishing in a brand new flats skiff for under 10K!

3. Fishability
With an unobstructed layout and the addition of a forward casting deck and sleek poling platform, the Inshore 16 is an ideal platform for a pair of enthusiastic fly fishermen.