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Introducing the DAM – It Keeps Your Drinks Cooler for Longer

Atlanta-based DAM Coolers is getting ready to shake up the cooler box market and make life significantly more fun for fans of the outdoors. The new DAM Cooler beats its rivals in five ways:

  • It keeps drinks cooler for longer – tests show it can retain ice for up to Six days
  • Because it uses vacuum technology rather than roto-molding, it’s much lighter than other coolers
  • The DAM Cooler has thinner walls, so you get more volume for your stuff in less area
  • It comes with smart Trays and Dividers with up to 20 different storage configurations, so your picnic doesn’t get shaken up on the journey
  • Its smart design is more ergonomic and user friendly than the rest


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For BBQs, picnics, and days at the beach, the DAM Cooler is about to become a must-have. It’s the supercharged cooler that gets the party started, and it’s live on Indiegogo as of  July 21st at 1100 EST it has raised over $33,000. See it here DAM Coolers Indiegogo.

The tech behind the DAM Cooler is nothing short of revolutionary. By using vacuum technology, you can achieve more effective cooling without the need for heavy, bulky materials. Customers are going to love its efficiency, versatility and practicality. Or, as we say at DAM Coolers ™  – Light. Tight. Right ™ .

In addition to our Hard Coolers, as a bonus we will also be launching other products on the same day. Our SoftCool ™ line of soft coolers and our unique backpack. They all boast of never before seen features that, just like our cooler box, shout efficiency, versatility and practicality. 

Femi Agbato, Co-Founder of DAM Coolers ™ , said – “We always innovate with our products, and try to put a fun spin on things. That’s why we can’t wait to launch the DAM Cooler line on July 21st. What could be more fun than a cooler that keeps more of your drinks colder for longer?”

Fans can save over 40% and get their hands on the DAM Cooler at the special introductory ‘Early bird’ price of USD $129 by visiting the DAM Coolers