IRIS Innovations NightSpotter


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IRIS Innovations NightSpotter

The first handheld in the extensive line of marine cameras from IRIS Innovations, NightSpotter greatly enhances safety, visibility and security when operating in total darkness. Producing high-resolution imagery by processing radiant thermal energy given off by all objects, NightSpotter basically makes pictures from heat and can be used in the dead of night and in poor visibility without an external illumination source. NightSpotter is so sensitive that it can process temperature differences as low as 50mK and is available with either 384×288 or 240×60 resolution. Lightweight, waterproof and featuring a 4X digital zoom, NightSpotter also provides composite video output and adjustable focus setting, white-hot, black hot and red hot palette functions, along with adjustable brightness controls. MSRP: $2,700.00, boat-cameras.com