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Iris – NightSpotter®

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (October 30, 2014) — UK-based marine camera innovator Iris Corporation has introduced its new NightSpotter® Handheld Thermal Imaging Scope, designed to put the safety and confidence of advanced night vision technology into the hands of a broad range of boaters. The first-ever handheld product in the Iris line, NightSpotter made its public debut at today’s 2014 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.


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Fitting literally in the palm of your hand, NightSpotter delivers crystal clear images in total darkness, helping boaters spot a range of hazards when running at night. With its ability to clearly detect dangers such as rocks, unlit buoys, jetties, vessels, commercial fishing gear, floating debris and other objects, NightSpotter gives cruisers confidence to explore unfamiliar waters and lets anglers keep fishing long into the night. In emergency and man overboard situations, NightSpotter can help boaters spot people in the water and aid swift rescue. With a lowest-in-class retail price of only $2,795.00 (IRIS241) / $2,995.00 (IRIS240), compact size and rugged, IP67 Waterproof construction, NightSpotter is an ideal portable safety aid boaters can take with them everywhere.

NightSpotter offers all the advanced performance features boaters have come to expect from Iris night vision products, such as a choice of resolution options, adjustable focus and eyepiece to suit individual users and a rechargeable eight-hour battery. The 384 X 288 resolution (Iris 240) NightSpotter features a 19mm lens providing a 28.36o X 21.46o field of view. The 160 X 120 (Iris 241) utilizes a 14.8mm lens and provides a 15.39o X 11.57o field of view. Both models provide digital zoom capabilities to get a closer look at detected objects. The Iris 240 offers 2x and 4x digital zoom; while the Iris 241 offers 2x digital zoom.

The NightSpotter is engineered for performance in real-world boating conditions, with thermal sensitivity of <50mK to detect even slight temperature gradients and heat signatures, and a 60Hz refresh rate for smooth, “real-time” viewing. Users can select from Black Hot, White Hot and Red Hot color palettes based on the situation and operator preference. In addition, a Composite Video Out port allows for NightSpotter’s thermal vision picture to be displayed on a wide range of compatible marine electronics and displays. A built-in High Bright LED flashlight further aids in the identification of objects encountered by boaters at night. NightSpotter’s rubberized waterproof housing provides grip when set down on various boat surfaces, and helps protect the unit against accidental bumps and drops. As an available option, Iris offers a NightSpotter Rugged Equipment Case for storage and transport. To learn more about the new NightSpotter handheld thermal imaging scope, or the company’s complete line of marine cameras, monitors and recording systems, contact Iris Corporation’s North American headquarters at 954.533.9381 or visit


About Iris Corporation

Iris Corporation has specialized in marine camera systems for 13 years. From the Iris001 —the industry’s first specialized docking camera launched in 2001 to today’s latest innovations —Iris has earned a reputation for pioneering new technology. Based in the United Kingdom, Iris recently expanded its U.S. headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to better serve the North American yachting market.

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