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J.R.’s Crippled Shiner Offers Lifelike Action

Indiana, PA – Renosky Lures’ new J.R.’s Crippled Shiner lure is a twitch bait with horizontal seams. Other twitch baits have vertical seams. The Crippled Shiner’s horizontal seams allow the lure to feature a 20-degree bend, which in turn gives it an erratic, crippled dying action.


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Photo: J.R.’s Crippled Shiner

Its most impressive feature is its ability to walk the dog. In fact, according to Joe Renosky, founder of Renosky Lures, it is the only bait on the market that will walk the dog under water. This feature allows the shiner to jump out of the water, attracting fish with its realistic action.

In addition, the Crippled Shiner features unique weight system. The weight system features two rectangular weights that control the action and create a rattling sound that draws more strikes.

“Fish are opportunistic,” says Renosky. “If they want a meal and they see a crippled shiner, they will be all over it. That along with the baits workability make the Crippled Shiner a must-have for every angler’s tackle box.”

The Crippled Shiner is available in three models: top-water, suspending and vertical jig. The suspending version dives to three feet, and the vertical jig is great for ice fishing and dives to 50 feet below the surface. The shiner features two treble hooks and it comes in 10 fish-attracting colors. The J.R.’s Crippled Shiner sells for $6.99. For more information, call 888.407.1117 or visit

Renosky Lures is a well-known fishing brand that produces a variety of hard and soft plastic baits that are designed by the company’s founder Joe Renosky. Boasting a storied career, Joe has been designing baits for more than 50 years. Many of his patented products have become well known in the fishing industry, including the Banjo Minnow that has sold more than 12 million units. Renosky is a subsidiary.

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