Fishing Reports


Had Bill and his grandson Brandon aboard the Jettywolf for a day of Slayin’. 1st off…..Shrimp boats.


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Photo: Capt. Dave Sipler

“12 Year Old” Brandon hooks up, and puts a whoop-azz on that 100 pounder. Being the absolute youngest ever on the JETTYWOLF to slay a big’un on the “L.T.” – light tackle.

Funny thing is. I had Linda the day before and she was the oldest to ever say; “SIGN ME UP” on a big 100 pounder Blacktip. And it was a double-header with her grandson who was 15.

So this week has had a few benchmarks placed on the Jettywolf. While runnin’ & gunnin’ the Chumhole Shrimpers.

Then, we went and got some Pogies for live bait and ran out to Montgomery’s Reef. Which reminded me of what a pain it is to slow troll or as I call it, “Pogie Tote”. It wasn’t dead calm, but we had a stiff breeze and a rolling swell to deal with.

Next time I’m just anchoring and pitching Pogies out behind the boat as we do a litl’ chummin’. Much easier and less fuel.

But either way, we had Cuda strikes and some unknown strikes and landed a 16 pound Kingfish, and a Cuda. Then, came on back just in time. Before the afternoon heat really poured on.

This boy is a fishing prodigy. He was really something else. That I don’t see all that often.

He was a “Mini-Me” at his age. Except I didn’t get to go on private charters when I was 12.

Very lucky boy.

Capt. Dave Sipler