Fishing Reports


Had the Miller’s aboard again. It’s been two years. Had the KIDS aboard and it was damn tough trying to catch anything on the southside of the south jetty with hardly any current at high tide.


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Photo: Capt. Dave Sipler

We caught one small Jack.

We did troll “planers and spoons” through a big school of marauding Jacks in the river. Hooked up a big Jack to have it come off half way in.

Ran over and showed the kids a working shrimp boat. The Dolphins were everywhere and all around us. That’s what we came to see!

I spied a few monster Blacktip sharks lurking under the Dolphins and told them “see ya’ll tomorrow boys.”

We trolled the planers and spoons around again, with no love outside the jetties. And on the way back ran into the Jacks slamming a school of baitfish in the river again. And hooked up a healthy fight from one of the Jacks before heading in.

The water was super clean and clear outside the jetties and I’m ready for tomorrow after I get a nap and some decent grub in me.

Capt. Dave Sipler