Fishing Reports


The SW wind blew and blew…..which had a huge effect on the falling tide. It ran blue blazes for hours and hours, HARD & FAST. The wind behind the tide had us playing the waiting game.


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Photo: Capt. Dave Sipler

The “outside the jetties and offshore report wasn’t good”. Everyone was complaining about how rough it was the further you got out.

So, I stuck to my guns. And had to have Dr. Drew and his son Dillon stick to their guns too.

I had the right bait. I had the right spot. But didn’t have the best conditions by no means. Certainly not like the day of the report below this one with “whoop’em Ashley” aboard with her dad.

So we waited and waited and waited for that damn tide to slow. So as it did, I thought, “okay here we go!” to only have 8 OUNCE sinkers not even come close to staying on the bottom.

You think that’s bad?????? Wait till the citizens of Jax and Florida for that means start paying for the dredging!!! The LOSERS will be us Fisherman.

The current will get nothing but worse! It’s already sooooooooo un-natural already, for this river. (The Timicuan Indians would cry if they saw what this state and city has done to the river.)

So finally we had a rally of bites and connected. Just as the storm clouds built to the SW.

Slam dunking a few BIG R.B.’s

Tomorrow is another adventure….starting at 0730 hrs.

Capt. Dave Sipler