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Yesterday, “yeah in the middle of the summer!!!!” they are building a brand new boat ramp in the middle of the two boat ramps where the wasted space of that grass berm was, at the Mayport Boat Ramp.


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Example Photo: Capt. Dave Sipler

Naw, couldn’t do it in Feb. or March, that makes too much sense! So, this means a giant barge with a crane will be the newest obstacle for us to navigate in the swift current of the river for who knows how long.

I contacted the City Dock Master and asked, “Are ya kidding me? I hope that barge isn’t sitting there during the Greater Jax Kingfish Tournament hustle and bustle?”

His response was; “The barge will be moved out of the way that week.”

We’ll see how all this takes place. Plus, we’re supposed to get more floating docks.

I’ll add video and photos I’m sure. Gotta “watch dog” these things. Because the whomever is usually clueless.

I do monthly CYBER-ANGLER website reports. I kinda went over board on this one. Since I wasn’t in a hurry to get it done.

Here’s a LINK to it.

CROAKERS, (aka: Croaka) have shown up at the jetties. GREAT for kids to catch. And cheap and fun baitfish to catch. Hardy as all hell. A dozen live Croaka in the livewell will catch everything from Sharks, King Mackerel, Snappers, and giant Redbass in the river.

Still looking for someone who’d like to (2 persons) do a “pursuit” of a 500 pound Bull, Tiger, Hammerhead Shark fishing trip. OFFSHORE!

Chum, bait and wait for the MAN! I have the tackle. But you must have the willingness to wait on the bite. No BS’n around. GOAL: Catch a Newspaper worthy sized Monster Shark, sweat, and Video, Photo, and release. Fishing and patience experience is a must. Most likely won’t be instant gratification, but ya never know?

Capt. Dave Sipler