Fishing Reports



Of course the weekend is even going to be rough, windy and rain(?) But later this week. “During the weekdays, it’s supposed to get nice.” The story of my life. Thank goodness, I’ll be fishing Tuesday, maybe Wednesday and Thursday!

BUT, here’s me and Evan, a college Football player from Wisconsin out for a 1/2 day’er. We never even left the dock till Noon. Because of the S-M-O-K-I-N new moon tide!


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Out in the “blue Mud” off the south Jetty the Whiting were ferocious! Not large, but there sure is alot of them little bastards. So, we dropped them in the box. Using cut clams and shrimp combo meals.
Then, as Evan was standing in the bow putting away his wallet in his back pack. I saw the rod twitch and it wasn’t a “rod rattling” Whiting bite, but rather something else.

I thought BIG Black Drum. Evan had no idea about any of the species we catch. Just as long as it was a monster, it was Okay with him.

Up until now, I told him you’ll need one of those T-shirts that say; “I went to Florida and only caught a 12″ fish.” Joking. But of course, I was hoping he’d get a big one. As we sat in the 4 foot swells in the screaming tide, super brown water.

Capt. Dave Sipler