Fishing Reports


2/9 – This week at the jetties:

Let me start by saying……”NOT ALL TIDES ARE CREATED EQUAL”. If you don’t know that yet.
You need to learn why. Or you’ll be kicking yourself in the ass for a long, long time.


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It gets back to one of my favorite saying from Seinfeld. (ya know the TV show…for you youngsters out there)

When George Costanza was breaking up with a girl he was dating. Because she had some kind of goofy thing she did he didn’t like, he’d say to her while sitting at the Coffee shop; “It’s not you….IT’S ME!” so the girl wouldn’t think he’s breaking up with her, because of something she does or did. But rather, he was at fault. (and yes, it was him. Cause he was an idiot)

The reason I mention that, is because no matter what you do sometimes. IT’S NOT YOU…IT’S THE T-I-D-E.

In my business. I get thrown a day. One out of 365. My customers have no idea about tides. They have no idea about Moon-phases.


So let’s talk Sunday Feb 9th.
The tide was a 4.3 tide range from High to low. With a “positive” low tide at 0.4.
Which means we barely had a 4.0 foot tidal range. Add in a bluebird day. And it was pretty sweet out there. But, in the Ocean. There wasn’t much tide flow.

Now when you get a tide range from High to low, or low to high that pushing towards 5 feet of water movement…..”That’s when you’ll say to yourself. Damn this water’s hauling ass!”

On Sunday we were just under 4 feet of water movement. So the moral of this story was. Josh and I would float-rig outside the jetties, and no matter what the tide phase was. There was NO current.

So, any lack of bites. Wasn’t because we weren’t fishing hard enough, or in the right place. It’s because of Mother Nature. Getting back to the ole Costanza saying….”It’s not you it’s me.” if the tide could talk!

So, there’s only ONE way of making this right. PUT IN YOUR TIME! And make the day into a Marathon Fishing Adventure.

And because it was just Josh and I. His girlfriend decided to sleep in. I didn’t care how long it took to get limits of Trout or close to it.

Plus, we had a 6 pound Sheepshead on the ole Float-rig, and one pupper Redbass. And a limit of Trout. But……..I pulled the boat out of the water at the boat ramp in the DARK. After cleaning all the fish.
So it was a 8:30am to 7pm day. I ate dinner after having zero food all day, at 9pm!

6 pound, 7-striped Jetty Snapper…..via Cappy Dave’s float-rig and live shrimp.
But I didn’t care…..WE WON!

Earlier in the week on Wednesday. (AFTER LAST SUNDAY & MONDAY’S TROUT WAYLAY) I had a father & son duo who choose not to go on Monday or even Tuesday, but rather, Wednesday. We went and sat in 4 footers at the jetties in the wind, caught one 12″ yellowmouth trout.
And one Bluefish in the river afterwards…..then it started to pour on us.
And back at the boat ramp, it was an all out soaking with big time rain.
(in the winter months, do all you can to go on the days I at least tell ya, will be the best.)

Capt. Dave Sipler