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3 really great guys…current smoking….6 oz. of lead……


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Photo: Capt. Dave Sipler

Then we went sharkin’ on the beach. One bit off bait. Got Pogies for the 1st time this year. Came back to jetties, rising tide….BLUEFISH “Scourge” invasion, eating all the baits before they were on the bottom.

B-U-T, I had a complete “azz-hander” bite and handed it to big Mike. Have no idea what it was. As it just stroked him around the stern of the boat. “Jewfish? Shark?” who knows. But the tackle was tooooo light for sure. Broke 40# mono leader after about 5 minutes.

Here’s yer sign….”I should put out the solid glass shark rod, with Daiwa 9/0, and 300# wind-on leader with a 480 cable, and 18/0 circle hook?”

So I did, with a 3# bleeding Bluefish. But no takers. So afterwards we headed in….

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