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Jacksonville Fishing Report: Let me start off by dragging this video into the report from the archival vault of: Capt Dave’s You Tube Channel


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Photo: Capt. Dave Sipler

Check out our “Jacksonville Shark Fishing Shimano Tranx” video, here.

THIS IS “”L.T.””- light tackle. Most of my customers are on the “charter L.T.”, when pursuing BIG 100 pound ++ Blacktip Sharks, behind the shrimp boats.

In this video, I was Jetty drifting….not even behind a shrimp boat. Jus’ drifting off the end of the south jetty rocks.

MORAL: If you think what you did was hard, there’s always HARDER. Which equates to LIGHTER tackle. Now, I ain’t talking “lighter in weight”. I hope when I talk tackle, that’s not what people think. I’m sure novices do. But what I’m talking is “lighter” as in smaller reel, whippy rod, less line, less line strength, and less line capacity.

In no way do I believe in “sitting down”, because I’m all about “stand-up and take it!!!!. Sitting is what accountants and kids do. Not Me! Have ya ever seen me sitting when going toe to toe with a monster anything? And ya never will, either. But hey, not everyone is ME. (hahahahahaha)

Prior, I had my crew which consisted of three kids and one adult catching bait….CROAKERS, to keep live for Sharkin’. Live Croak’s make goooooooooood Sharkin baits.

As what many times happens when dropping down small cut pieces of dead shrimp, we catch a BIG Redbass. Yes, Elephants eat peanuts too, is the ole saying…..

Of course I love it, because I know it’s gonna happen. Especially when I see the boat near us catch one too…..except they didn’t know how to release it and it floated around “belly up” for a few hours.

Don’t know why people won’t release these big Reds right. Must be a dumb-ass redneck thang, I guess.

NEXT UP: One “solo” Bass fisherman from Tennessee on Friday. This ought to be FUN. Saturday, just two guys out for FUN. Then, Mike & Phil some regulars on Sunday.

So NO, I don’t have this weekend open. Should have thought about fishing before Friday night at 7pm.

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