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Johns Pass Fishing Report (June 10)

Inshore: Angelo Rivera and his Positive Johns Pass fishing group are absolutely tearing up the snook from the north Jetty of Johns Pass. The dirty water and heavy rains put a damper on things a few days but luckily the bad weather only affected our area for a few short hours and its back to gorgeous now around Johns Pass and Hubbard’s Marina. The flounder bite has picked up quite a bit in local area. The redfish bite has slacked off in the back bays as they move to deeper drop offs as the water heats up. Trout are biting well now around the area as the shrimp start to move around more and more but the best bites are still at night around the dock lights. Pompano bite has slacked a bit due to the recent crazy weather but should return quickly as the local waters have cleared back up for some Johns Pass fishing.


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Photo: Baby dolphin cruising with her mother spotted on our dolphin watching and eco tour at Hubbard's Marina

Near shore: The hogfish bite has been picky but steady lately picking up a few here and there on the party boat Johns Pass fishing trips. Our private charters haven’t been fishing near shore much so we haven’t been seeing the large numbers of hogfish lately due to red snapper season our focus is offshore. Mangrove snapper near shore still steady but the past week their bite has been picky too due to fluctuating weather. The kingfish are still around the mackerel and near shore bait piles but have spread out quite a bit most are being caught in the cooler offshore waters. The grey snapper bite has been great though plenty of those nice eating fish coming up on our half day Johns Pass fishing trips. The 10 hour all day has stopped thanks to them being turned into 12 hour long range Johns Pass fishing trips for red snapper but boy has the red grouper bite turned up! Cobia are around, triple tail on the buoys and tons of whale sharks are being spotted right now thanks to the prolific near shore plankton.

Offshore: Wow the bite is HOT at Hubbard’s Marina offshore. The flying HUB 1 private charters are absolutely crushing the fish with monster 65lb black grouper, African pompano, bit tuna, kingfish, wahoo, monster red snapper, and tons more trophy sized fish. They even ran a deep drop Johns Pass fishing trip recently on that special boat that caught warsaw, snowy, and yellowedge grouper plus monster gags and red snapper on the way inshore too! The 12 and 39 hour party boat Johns Pass fishing trips have been doing well too, but the 39 hour is always putting more fish on deck thanks to the five times longer Johns Pass fishing times even further from shore and that Johns Pass fishing trip offers a two day bag limit compared to the single day’s limit you get on a twelve hour. However, the twelve hour has caught some beautiful fish too with the largest red snapper just under the 22lb mark and plenty of nice gag grouper and red snapper. Check out the latest Facebook videos to see live reports as the boats returned from their first few red snapper trips, simply search ‘Hubbard’s Marina’ on Facebook to find our page then click ‘more’ then click Videos!

Want to read the past reports? Check out this link:

Captain Jack’s dolphin corner: Our sunset cruise with free beer and wine is now a daily cruise once again as the weather gets nicer! Join us sometime soon for a fun filled trip and a beautiful view of the sunset. It’s the best bar on the water guaranteed! For more info on the sunset cruise, visit this link:

Manatees have been prolific inside Boca Ceiga bay and around Egmont key so no matter what relaxing cruise you take with Hubbard’s Marina this time of year whether it’s our dolphin watching nature cruise and eco tour or our three hour shelling cruise to shell key or the super fun Egmont key ferry from Fort Desoto county park you have a great shot at spotting some beautiful marine mammals.

We have been spotting sea turtles often around the gorgeous island paradise called Egmont, the loggerhead and even green sea turtles are really starting to become a common occurrence as we cruise between Fort Desoto and Egmont Key with our excited guests.

Recently a baby osprey was born out at Egmont key and it’s sitting in a nest atop a channel marker just off the Coast of Egmont Key Island our ferry boat gets to cruise by it daily after it’s done on the daily snorkeling trip offered at Mid-day at Egmont Key Island.

The waters around Boca Ceiga bay, shell key and Egmont key are absolutely crystal clear right now especially on the incoming tides that have been lasting all morning long lately. These beautiful waters have really added to the excitement beauty and experience for all our tours at Hubbard’s Marina especially our Egmont Key ferry from Fort Desoto’s bay pier and our three hour shelling cruise from Hubbard’s Marina.

We have five baby dolphins around Hubbard’s Marina right now! This is the most we have had in the area all at once in many years. For the first time in Captain Jack’s 25 year career running these eco tours he witnessed two baby dolphins both less than 12 hours old in the same group learning how to breathe and play with their family group. We are not sure if they were born as twins but Captain Jack thinks they were just born very close together by two mothers that are in the same group. If you’re ready for a fun filled guaranteed dolphin sightings cruise with the original? Check out this link for more info on the Hubbard’s Marina Johns Pass dolphin cruise:

Thanks to the crystal clear waters, snorkeling out at Egmont key is crazy fun right now we have such clear waters it’s the perfect time to join Hubbard’s Marina for some snorkeling fun at the island. To find out more about it, check out this link:

Tarpon have been spotted very frequently out at Egmont Key while our ferry takes guests from Fort Desoto out to the pristine island paradise that is Egmont key. These large schools of monster silver kings make for a very cool show for our ferry guests especially when the water is so clear like it’s been lately. If you’re ready for a ferry ride to Egmont key with us at Hubbard’s Marina, check out this link for more info on the great family fun tour:

The rays have been thick everywhere lately and thanks to super clear waters we have been able to take our guests right over top of these large school of eagle, bat and cow nosed rays as they move in large groups to find a suitable spawning and egg laying location nearshore. This time of year it’s important to remember to shuffle your feet whenever wading along our beautiful gulf beaches.

Upcoming at Hubbard’s Marina

Saturday June 25th at 1pm Captain Mark Hubbard and Dylan Hubbard will be offering a FREE seminar on Gag grouper and red snapper Johns Pass fishing at the Tampa Bass Pro shops! Join them at 1pm to learn the best techniques to ensure you come home with a limit of these great eating and limited time snapper. They will not only be covering gag grouper and red snapper techniques but also much more, and if you would like to come with questions they will cater their seminar to what you want to hear! Plus, they will be doing a FREE raffle and if you attend the entire seminar you will have the chance to win a free 10 hour all day Johns Pass fishing trip if you win the raffle! Don’t forget to check out the Tampa Bass pro shops Facebook page and give them a like from all of us at Hubbard’s Marina since they were nice enough to add us to their pro staff team!

Want to stay up to date with the latest catches, Johns Pass fishing reports and more from Hubbard’s Marina? Follow the new live video segments that Hubbard’s Marina is posting daily to Facebook! Also, more Instagram photos and videos are popping up too! Plus, were on the fishBrain app now too and they were nice enough to add Hubbard’s Marina as a Johns Pass fishing location so now on your future Johns Pass fishing trips you can upload your catch to our location. If you have questions or want more info about all this message Dylan Hubbard on the Hubbard’s Marina Facebook page or shoot him an email:

Red snapper seas is here and we are absolutely putting a hurting on the Johns Pass fishing at Hubbard’s Marina! The season started out with a bang with every private charter boat going out June first and everyone that targeted red snapper came back in with a boat limit. The Flying HUB 1 has caught a 22lb red snapper, 65lb true black grouper, warsaw, snowy grouper and tons more. The HUB is consistent and the Mrs. HUB has been running nonstop on long range private Johns Pass fishing charters. We are also doing very well on the 39 hour trips at Hubbard’s Marina and June 14th this Tuesday we have a nice light load going out there. If you haven’t had a chance to target the red snapper with the ORIGINAL join us Tuesday for some ‘reel’ Johns Pass fishing fun with Hubbard’s Marina.

Check out our UPDATED specialty schedule to see the BRAND NEW 12 and 39 hour trips we have added to make more room for more interested guests to fish for red snapper:

Don’t forget that Hubbard’s Marina offers a very wide variety of private charters along with our party boat options. Many people don’t realize how many different boats and options we offer for these private excursions. At Hubbard’s Marina we have 4 smaller fishing vessels for charter than can take 1-6, 7-14 or 14-24 plus we have two large party boats that can allow 17-110 so no matter what your groups size and no matter where or how they want to fish or cruise we have the perfect charter options for you and your group no matter your size! Check out the options at this link, and fill out the form to get your very own detailed quote based on exactly what you’d like included and what you’d like to target:

Hubbard’s Marina offers 12 hour day trips or the special 39 hour Johns Pass fishing trips to target red snapper we even have one special 44 hour before the season closes! These special long range party boat trips they are very fun and unique hope you get a shot to get ‘hooked’ on deep water Johns Pass fishing at Hubbard’s Marina! To learn more about the trip, check out the updated site:

Keep in mind the 12 hour night Johns Pass fishing trip does NOT target red snapper only mangrove snapper, gags, yellowtails and more!

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