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Grouper Fishing Report 10/08/14


The snook are a little in shock from our recent front, but should be recovering by the time you read this report. The cooler weather shocks the inshore fish just like it does to you when you walk out of the house on a cool morning. Due to this, the fish hangout in shallower areas where the water has had time to warm up, in deeper areas where the water is still warm at the bottom, or in the warm currents inside the passes as the warm gulf waters pour inshore on the incoming tides. This is true of all inshore species not just snook. Trout have been finicky due to the pressure and temps plummeting following last weekend’s front. Red fish didn’t seem as affected since John Mark, a St. Pete local, and his buddies were filling up on them with cut lady fish from the north jetty of Johns pass this past week. They also reported getting a few flounder on live shrimp while using weights to get to bottom. Sheepshead should be picking up soon around the structure inside the passes and bays. They love small pieces of shrimp on a 2ot hook with 15-20lb fluorocarbon. If the tide is ripping sometimes a few split shots are needed to get the bait in range close to the structure.


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Nice king. Hubbard's Marina


The kingfish and mackerel have started to trickle in but we expect the full moon to bring in the rest of them! They are thick on the bait schools that are holding 3-9 miles from shore. Recently, these bait schools have come pretty close to the beaches with the full moon tides. This should lure in the mackerel and kings closer to shore. Also, Stone crab season starts October 15th this means there will be hundreds of small chum blocks sitting out in our near shore waters that will not only lure in the bait, kings, mackerel and others but it will also bring the gags closer to shore. The cooling water helps with this as well so expect nice grouper bites through October and November. November is Captain Mark’s favorite gag grouper fishing time of the year. They get plentiful on near shore ledges and structure. Gag grouper stay in specific holes; because of this you must anchor fish for these grouper. It’s much different than our red grouper drifting that we do all summer long.


Our recent 39 hour ran straight into a cold front head on that wasn’t expected to hit till much later. Due to this they had poor weather and poor fishing. We hoped the fishing would be HOT on this trip thanks to the cold front bearing down but not hitting quite yet. Before fronts like this typically the fish feed like crazy, but due to the front coming 14 hours earlier than forecasted it really threw a wrench into our plans. We did however get some nice mangroves, a few gags, and kingfish. The amberjack weren’t so bad this weekend, but now that they closed red groupers they seem to know it and are feeding like crazy. Our recent trip threw back tons of keeper red grouper due to our recreational season being closed.

By Hubbard’s Marina
Dylan and Capt Mark Hubbard

What’s coming up at Hubbard’s Marina

Want to do a 63 hour deep water fishing trip? We have some major moving around happening on our 63 hour trips. This has caused some space to open on our October 16th trip! We now have three spots open for THIS THURSDAYS 63 hour deep-drop fishing trip if you’d like to join. If you know someone who wanted to join, please give them a call for us! Disappointed we keep having people join and then cancel, we unfortunately could not control this and we had to tell some people that we were sold out when in reality we had some guys just holding spots when they did not plan to join! Next year we might have to ask for pre-payment on our restrictive head count trips. Captain Mark wants to offer some 39, 44 and 63 hour trips with 12-18 guys instead of our typical 50 allowed. Plus, we will offer 63 hour pelagic and some 63 hour deep drops. We will have 44 hour snapper trips and 44 hour deep waters. The 39’s we will be the same but we will have some that will only let super low numbers of anglers join, but these trips will come at a premium price for the premium space to fish.

If you plan to fish with us sometime soon, make sure to bring trolling and flat-lining tackle! The kingfish and mackerel are now rolling into the area and were picking them up on all our trips.

We have two more 39 hour fishing trips this month! They are both Friday trips that depart at 3pm and return Sundays at 6am. The first trip is October 24th and the second one is October 31st! We will be going after large gag grouper, scamp grouper, strawberry grouper, mangrove snapper, lane snapper and many more! Red grouper and Jacks are now closed, but there is still plenty of fish in the sea!

Thursday October 16th is our LAST 12 hour day trip for the 2014 year! Hope you can join us for this long range fishing opportunity! We will be going after the monster gags and fat mangrove snapper. We will also run into lane snapper, yellowtails, scamp and many more!

Tuesday October 21st we have another one of our great inshore guided kayak fishing trip! We will be hitting the incoming tide with our professional fishing guide, hope you can join! We will be targeting the plentiful red fish, trout and snook in our local area! Flounder and sheepshead will become plentiful soon as well.

Dylan Hubbard has taken over the private charters at Hubbard’s Marina. If you have ever wanted information or been interested in booking give him a call or shoot him an email and he will get you booked for a unique fishing or sightseeing experience! (727)393-1947 extension 306

There seems to be some confusion on seasons, due to this we will now include what has CLOSED at the bottom of our emails. If it is not listed, this means we can go out and harvest it! Come join us for some fishing sometime soon, there is plenty of fish in the sea!
Red grouper CLOSED October 4th at 12:01am
Amberjack CLOSED August 25th
Red snapper were only open June 1st through June 9th
Gray triggerfish CLOSED May 31st

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