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Inshore- The red fish have really picked up inside Johns Pass! Luke Johnson and his buddies were fishing the pass from the north jetty the other night and picked up 15 of these beautiful fish using live shrimp tail hooked on a 2ot circle hook. They also caught about 5 flounder as well. The red fish were biting in the last third of the water column and the flounder would hit it when the shrimp made it closer to bottom. They were using light weight so the shrimp floated down natural looking in the strong tides. Snook and sheepshead are the most popular fish spotted inside Johns Pass. The snook are feeding best at night or the last two hours of a strong tide during the day. Sheepshead are just starting to show up in large numbers and as the water cools their late fall early winter spawn will kick off! Right now we’re still getting some mangrove snappers around the structure inside the pass, but as the water cools they will be replaced by these sheepshead.


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Capt. Jame Dutton, the first mate on our private charterboat-showing off another nice cobia.

Near shore- Our ten hour all day trips aboard our private charter boat, the Hub, have been filling up on the grouper! However, now that the big boat is back from dry dock we will now be taking these trips on our large party boat again. We have also been seeing lots of cobia 18-20 miles from shore around the artificial wrecks. One ten hour all day we caught 20 cobias on one spot! These fish should hang around a bit longer but once the cold fronts pick up they will disappear quickly. The mackerel have picked up as well, were starting to pick them up while trolling out on our five hour half day trips. The kingfish shouldn’t be far behind but they are running a bit late this year due to the late push of larger whitebait.

Offshore- We haven’t been able to head way offshore since our large party boat has been in dry-dock but were looking forward to an updated offshore fishing report after our first 39 hour on our newly re-furbished Florida fisherman 2 on September 26th. To see how we did, check in to our Facebook and we will have an update offshore fishing report by the time your reading this email!

By Hubbard’s Marina
Dylan and Capt Mark Hubbard

What’s coming up at Hubbard’s Marina

The red grouper closure was PUSHED BACK till October 4th! This means we still have some trips available to you to get red and gag grouper, like our Tuesday ten hour all day and our Thursday 12 hour all day! Call your friends and let’s get you booked, spots are filling up quickly for this LAST CHANCE for red grouper! Gags are supposed to close December 3rd, but we heard they could be closing shortly after red grouper so come see us soon. Once gags and red grouper close, we will still be able to get scamp grouper, strawberries, mangrove snapper, lanes, vermillion, and porgies plus much more so don’t think we’re going to stop fishing! Hope to see you around the docks sometime soon.

We want to clear up some confusion we have been hearing lately: THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO RED TIDE in our local area or in our fishing areas at all. There hasn’t been any in between the beaches and our fishing areas either! We have yet to see a single dead fish and we have yet to have a single verified sighting of red tide locally! There is red tide well to the north of us in the gulf, but it has NOT affected us at all. There is also red tide well to the south of us, but again it has NOT affected us at all! Anyone saying otherwise is just simply fabricating a news story, IT’S NOT TRUE! The red tide has come south as far as Honey Moon Island which is about 30 miles north of us and it’s come as far north as Anna Maria which is about 25 miles south of us so there’s a large window of open RED TIDE FREE waters off our coast!

We have slowed down dramatically at Hubbard’s Marina. Due to this, Hubbard’s Marina will now close at 8pm. Also we have changed our sunset cruise time to 6pm. We have canceled our 5pm dolphin watching trips due to our sunset cruise time changes. Our Ferry to Egmont key is still running but we don’t offer the 10am ferry ride anymore and the ferry will be closed Mondays. Also, we have discontinued shark fishing trips and night fishing trips. If you want a trip we canceled, we can always book you a private charter!

Reservations become imperative this time of year! If you don’t have a reservation we cannot forecast our trips appropriately and we may end up canceling a trip you plan to do if you don’t make your reservations. Also, once you have reservations if we have to cancel due to the cold fronts that will be starting soon we will be able to call and let you know or warn you of the adverse weather.

The Florida fisherman 2 is back from dry dock now! Come down and see the new changes, it will be running our 5 hour half days and our 39 hour trips!

Dylan Hubbard has taken over the private charters at Hubbard’s Marina. If you have ever wanted information or been interested in booking give him a call or shoot him an email and he will get you booked for a unique fishing or sightseeing experience! (727)393-1947 extension 306

Guided kayak inshore fishing trip schedule
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Tuesday 09/23/14 7am to 11am fishing incoming tide
Tuesday 10/07/14 7am to 11am fishing incoming tide
Tuesday 10/21/14 7am to 11am fishing incoming tide

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