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Jackson Kayak Big Rig

To help with our pursuits across Florida’s widespread marine environments and lending more choice to the fastest growing segment of recreational sport fishing, Jackson Kayak has unleashed the customizable Big Rig kayak that provides anglers with a stealthy platform to sneak up on any bite.


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When fishing under paddle power anglers are really on their own in the backcountry, but the Big Rig’s linear poly-composed hull design will provide any level of paddler or angler with the confidence to go deeper. The width in particular allows for more stability, enough where an angler can sight fish standing up. Additionally, a retractable casting brace can be lifted up to use as a stabilizing point.

Expedition paddling is made convenient with storage areas such as the rear tankwell that’s lined with gear tracks for customizable mounting options or cooler storage. Lockable hull compartments are spacious and sufficient enough to keep camping equipment, personal flotation devices, bags and fishing rods safe, secure and dry.

All functions and gear tracks center around the seat, so everything is within reach requiring very little movement for smooth transitioning from paddling to fishing and back again. When sitting, the re-tooled and sturdy Elite Seat 2.0 is designed with improved ergonomics for added comfort along with rear storage capabilities. Therm-a-Rest lumbar support is adjustable and can double as a pillow upon finding the perfect campsite after a day on the water.

Along the sides of the deck are rod troughs that run the length of the hull keeping your rods stowed and out of the way of paddle strokes. The depth of the troughs and rod tip protector also keep rods safely intact when paddling through thick marsh grass or along riverbanks dotted with overhanging tree limbs.

Staging various types of gear is easily done with YakAttack gear tracks, built into the kayak in easily accessible locations along both sides and in the center. Included in the build are two RAM Tough Tubes, a Tough Ball and Rod Holder, but adding more rod holders is not a problem in light of the kayak’s suitability toward custom options while designed with everything being within arm’s length.

If a cluttered deck preoccupies your fishing efforts, the Big Rig has space specifically designed for efficient tackle management and storage. Under and beside the seat are locations for two standard-supplied Plano tackle boxes minimizing the movement needed to access lures and line.

Attention-to-detail was obviously a big factor when figuring out the need for personal amenities and the most ideal spots for locating these on deck. Set between your legs is the central beverage holder mount for the included Nalgene 32-oz. wide-mouth water bottle.

If you have yet to purchase a kayak for your on-the-water adventures, then you definitely want to check out the customizable Big Rig. Built with details and elements oriented toward fishing and the sturdiness needed to get you to that distant spot with comfort and ease, this model goes above and beyond all other brands flooding the market. Jackson Kayak,

– L.O.A. 3’2″
– Width 38″
– Height 16″
– Capacity 450 lbs.
– Weight 99 lbs. (w/seat)
– Material Linear Poly
– MSRP $1,749.00*

*Model may be shown with optional features

Power-Pole Micro Anchor

With your kayak, stealthily getting onto a bite is not a problem. Staying on the bite might be more of a challenge. Built with purpose for dedicated kayak enthusiasts searching out the state’s shallowest venues, the Micro Anchor is powered by a 60-watt, low RPM high-torque electric motor with a deployment speed of 1.2-feet per second. Weighing 11.5 lbs. with clamp, the actual pole length is roughly 8 feet. Mounting on your kayak is easy with options that include an adjustable bracket, deck, clamp or adapter mounts, making the transfer of the Micro Anchor to other craft just as simple. Wireless remote control, mounting hardware, quick release cord, electrical cord/plug/battery terminals, USB connector for software updates and downloads as well as an Android operating system app with Bluetooth enabling all come standard with your purchase, as does a 2-year warranty.

MSRP: $595.00