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Keaton Beach

Got back in town from Orlando BRS show late Thursday p.m. just in time to catch bait the next morning for a trip I co-captained for Dave Malone. I had Ben, his wife Christie and their youngest son Ethan Stahl while Dave took Grandpa, Grandma and the oldest grandson. ( sorry I didn’t have their names) These good folks were from Columbus, Ga. One of my “hometowns”.


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Photo: Billy Pillow with a nice trout taken 8/13/15 –

Well, We headed for some humps up north and Dave swung in on the north side so I took it up on the southwest side and we proceeded to Teach & learn how to fish with live pinfish. Our first trout , Ethan, was a nice 23.5 inch sow which came out of 5.5 feet of water and ate a 3″ pinfish. After photos and high fives they got back at it and Ben said, ” I’m Down!” After the mandatory 8 count he grunted and set up on a nice trout and I moved back beside him with the net. The next pattern of events was exciting, surprising and dissapointing all at the same time. I saw the water “hump up” then a massive swirl and just as I was about to yell “Reel faster Ben.” suspecting a shark was trying to eat his trout( which turned out to be 18″ long) we both saw it together… a huge mouth, yellow with two fanglike teeth over 8″ across smacked the pinfish off the leader in front of the hooked up trout … and was gone. Needless to say we both couldn’t believe how big a trout we had just seen and of course we can’t prove it; but we both figured well over 8 pounds from just the mouth and part of the head which was all we got to see.

They all fished one more bait that drift and I couldn’t stand it and said ,”Let’s go back through that drift again all the while hoping we would get another chance at “That Trout” Well, you can guess the rest of the story, as we caught another keeper but didn’t get a chance and that huge trout. I will be looking for that fish during the Taylor County Fall Trout Tournament next weekend.

We had a tough rest of the day bringing in 6 trout and one keeper redfish. Ethan had a good day as he landed an 18 -20 pound Blacktip shark on ten pound test Trik Fish game green line. Then less than an hour later he hooked and fought down a 6 ft. Bull shark and we whooped it down ’til he could get a good look at it and then I asked Ethan, “Do you want to do this for another hour or so or go ahead and let it go now?” He laughed and so I showed him how to thumb the spool a bit and he broke him off. Ethan took top honors all ’round: the largest trout, he caught the only keeper red, and he landed the largest fish( the blacktip)

We caught all our fish on live pinfish under Back Bay Thunders with 4″ leaders and stayed in 4 – 5 feet most of the day.
The tides will be much better this weekend and the incoming should be your best bet for trout.

Hey, Mark your calendars for the Taylor County Fall Trout Trout tournament Saturday, September 19, 2015 fishing from Sea Hag at Keaton Beach Marina and Steinhatchee. Weigh-In with be at Sea Hag at Keaton Beach. entry fee $30 per person with cash and prizes over $3000 including a $1000 top prize for heaviest legal stringer of five trout. For more information: contact Ashley Mock 850-843-0566 or the Taylor County chamber 850-584-5366

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