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Keaton Beach

Only one report this week from Thursday last, when I took Debbie Miley and Paula Jackson, both of Clermont, Florida out from Keaton despite the horrible weather forecast. They were giving 80% chance of rain with 15 Knot South w-i-n-d-s. Well, we were scheduled to go at noon and so at 9:45 a.m. I called them up and they both said they wanted to try it, despite the weather radar showing rain all the way Apalachicola etc. and the blustery weather? Seems they have recently bought a house at Keaton on the Gulf side of Beach road so they sitting on the porch looking at what we were in for.


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Debbie Miley and Paula Jackson, both of Clermont, Florida.

Folks, the number one question I am asked, from boats passing my boat slip at Keaton, is “Which way? My answer is always the same; ” If it isn’t blowing 15+ knots from the South don’t go south” I say. Well, it was time to go South! I hadn’t turned left since May and so here we go. I stopped out in front of Sponge point. The first cast, supposedly a demonstration cast to show how to “pop” the Back Bay etc. resulted in a 14 ” trout. Next cast, before I had a chance to pop the Thunder…under…a Keeper trout. Well, after four attempts and two keepers and two shorts thrown back, I gave up the seminar and simply put Paula in the back of the boat and Debbie in the front and it was ‘ON”

Debbie said, “This is unbelievable. What do we do when we run out of shrimp?” I said, “Well at this rate I’d say we will have to go to jail.” Meaning if we use all the shrimp I had we will have caught WAY too many trout. after about an hour of first, heavy rain, then heavier still the next hour, and gusts to 20 knots we had 13 trout three over 20″ including a 4 pound trout for Debbie and a 3.8 pound trout for Paula. Well the sun broke out and the keeper bite was done, after 9 straight shorts on nine shrimp with the sky clearing evermore I said, “Let’s go try somewhere else.” Did I mention there was only one other boat out there and from the way he missed the channel going out and the way he was driving around I am sure it was his maiden voyage his brand New rig that I watched him put in very carefully on the ramp earlier. I sure hoped he caught fish like we did on his first trip from Keaton.

Well, I moved up to a bar at Yates creek and Debbie caught a short red, then next cast, a keeper. Paula managed a 17.5 inch red and then with five or six casts without a bite….they kinda looked at me like, Well it must be over ? I said, ” Hey, you have a Great box of fish; Let’s go take a picture and I’ll clean ’em.” They had a blast on their first-ever fishing trip from Keaton Beach, Florida. Like they always say, you can’t catch ’em sitting on the couch!

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