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Keaton Beach

Friday last, I took Stan Bryant with Reed and Josh Horton of Warner Robins out and we had 17 trout and 4 reds.We fished 6.6 – 7 feet of water for the trout and 2.5 – 3.5 ft. for the reds. We used live pinfish rigged on 48″ leaders for the trout and live pinfish on 28″ leaders for the reds. Water temps in the shallows were up over 92 degrees where the reds were.


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Photo: Josh Horton of Warner Robins, Ga. with one of five reds caught 7/18 –

Saturday, I had the same crew, less a decent breeze and we only managed 7 trout in 4 hours of incoming tide so we switched to reds earlier and came in with 5 reds. We fished different places for the reds and never caught over two keepers in any one place for the two days. Again we fished live pinfish under Back Bays for all our fish. Reed caught a 25″ trout in 6.7 feet of water which was 91.2 degrees HOT.

This report from Mike Johnson of Macon, Ga.

“Fished with my brother Jeff Johnson from Thomasville Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we had our pinfish caught by 7:30. Had our limit of trout by 9:15. And had our 4 gallons of scallops by 11:00. All the trout were caught on pinfish in 6.5 – 7.5 feet with 48″ leaders under Back Bay Thunders. Sunday we had our 10 trout limit at 8:30. All on the falling tide on slick water. And we were flying our dive flag Saturday.”

The scallopers must have finally trimmed the scallops down a bit at least in the shallower water as reports had those trying shallow not getting limits and those who moved out to 6 – 7 feet finding their limits.

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