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Keaton Beach Fishing Report (April 10)

One More Cast Charter: I had Ellen Williams from Vermont for some Keaton Beach Fishing, on board Monday, and she hooked a 28-30″ houndfish and as she had it boatside and I was kidding her about not netting anything that ugly…just as I did go to dip the crazy, frenetic fish out of the water a 45-48″ cobia around 35+ pounds came up to the surface trying to eat the dang Houndfish! Well, I starting screaming to Joe, Ellen’s husband, “Get your bait over here “hurry . Hurry. HURRY!” Well wouldn’t you know it this cobia musta just got off the express from Destin or Texas or where ever; but it obviously didn’t remember what a pinfish was ’cause I threw it live ones, dead ones, ones with hooks and ones without and it just stayed under the boat looking for the dang houndfish which I had boated and thrown in the cooler just to keep it from trashing the boat. Finally it just left just as frustrated as we were…. I suppose.


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Well, that was the first cobia of the season for me and we caught our first ladyfish this week so Spring has certainly arrived just in time for Keaton Beach Fishing. We had 11 trout for Joe and Ellen with a red and two flounder, that’s what I call Keaton Beach Fishing. We caught them all on live pinfish under Back Bay Thunders in 3.5 – 6.5 feet of water. Water temps came back to 73 Monday and 74 Tuesday after dropping back to 66-67 Saturday & Sunday morning.

The Northeaster which beat us up over the weekend cleared all the red and dark water off the hill and the flats are, well really, too clear all the way to Spring creek. You rarely see it this clear this time of year. This made the incoming tide with no breeze tough, Tuesday and after only 4 trout in 6 hours of incoming tide the flop ( start of the falling tide) yielded 11 trout for my crew in under an hour-and-a-half. We caught all of our trout on live pinfish except a couple I caught on Assassin’s Sea shads in Stinky Pink and Glow/green tail.

The reds we were catching last week have vamoosed and aren’t to be found in this clear water. I guess they went creeking?

I expect some outstanding Keaton Beach Fishing this weekend if we can get some w-i-n-d like last Saturday, when we had a limit in under two hours fishing time with three over 20″ with one 24″ Sow. Did I mention it was blowing 18 – 23 knots Saturday.

See you on the water for some Keaton Beach Fishing!

Captain Pat McGriff
One More Cast
Keaton Beach, FL