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Keaton Beach

I have gotten over 10 emails with folks wanting to know the name of this creature? Well, the catch of the week is the “Atlantic Puffer” Keep hands clear! …he will bite and hurt you!


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Well after a less than spectacular showing of trout at the Optimist Club May 2nd, the trout faired better this last week as My One More Cast charters managed 8 trout Thursday with 3 over 21″ for David Newsome and Mike Bowden of Phenix City, Alabama. Then we followed that with 9 trout and one flounder Friday, for my other crew from Phenix City. I caught two trout on Assassin Eels on Thursday and one on a Pink Ghost Sea Shad on Friday. The balance of the trout came in on live pinfish fished under Back Bay Thunders in 4 – 4.5 feet of water.

The trout are scattered at best, and rarely do we catch but one or two fish per drift. When a “Bite” occurs you have to be lucky and in the right spot, fishing, when it happens. Friday, we had four trout on one 20 minute drift, rare lately.

Reds have slowed from what we were catching in April with very dark water (due to the high afternoon west w-i-n-d-s up to the north making it hard to manage a redfish).

We have seen more schools of ballyhoo in the last couple of weeks; but it really hasn’t made a big difference in the catch.

Meanwhile we will be fishing hard in Keaton Beach!

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