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Keaton Beach Trout Fishing

Keaton Beach Trout Fishing Report (June 2-7)

One More Cast Charter: Well, we have been slamming the trout and reds lately and I have been gettin’ back home too late to get a report out to my editors; but this week with ole Uncle (T.S.) Hollis around I cancelled a couple of days of charters and so I have time to write this Keaton Beach Trout Fishing report.


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Photo: Rachel Foster of Columbus, Ga with a trout caught despite the heat & slick water

We have really had some good Keaton Beach trout fishing days and although we there were some slow times during the trips where the slick water, no drift and no bite was tough…man did the good times make it all worthwhile. Take last Friday, when I had Matt Chastain, Tommy Riddle of Birmingham Alabama, and Garrett Sellers of Elijay , Ga. out and we had 3 trout for four hours then, in an hour and 45 minutes, we put 17 in the boat when the w-i-n-d finally decided to puff just enough to give us a decent Keaton Beach trout fishing drift.

But, let me tell you about Thursday, when after only landing 4 trout in three hours, I decided to go look for reds and the first bait Jeff Haberle plopped out there resulted in one of the most vicious fights I have ever seen, including a run so fast I thought his “red” was a jack. Well, it wasn’t either one, turns out, when the fish erupted at the boat, it was a huge TROUT… 30″ inches of Trout. What a magnificent fish!

However despite our attempts to revive her after a few quick photos she wouldn’t come around and swim off. The glorious ole girl weighed 6.8 pounds! We finished up with 9 trout and three reds that day but of course that was Jeff’s largest trout ever; despite he has fished Louisiana waters for years. That is the first fish touching 30″ for One More Cast Keaton Beach trout fishing in over 15 years. She was in 3.5 feet of water which was 87.8 degrees and bit at noon….June 2nd.

We have caught all our fish, including the 13 trout and three reds for Randy and La Dene Foster of Moultrie,Ga. and their daughter Rachel, of Columbus, Ga. who joined them for a Great Keaton Beach trout fishing day on the water Saturday, on live pinfish rigged up 34″ under a Back Bay Thunder. Most of our trout the past two weeks have come from 5.5 – 6.5 feet of water while the reds are in about 3.5 – 4 ft. Catfish have plagued us at times when the water had no movement; but then when the water started to move again the trout bite would be on.

This little ole T.S. storm should really improve the fishing both with the rain dropping the gulf water temps and stirring up some of the too clear water in many places which hold good fish; but they just aren’t willing to move about in the clear calm water of late to give us some decent Keaton Beach trout fishing.

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For more info contact Liana Chapman at 352-498-8065

See you on the water for some Keaton Beach Trout Fishing!

Captain Pat McGriff
One More Cast
Keaton Beach, FL