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Keaton Trout

The trout were biting early Sunday for the few boats which ventured out before the w-i-n-d-s and Fog moved in. Water temps were back up to lo 50’s after crashing to 45 – 46 degrees last week. Look for this rainy weather to raise the Gulf’s temperature a bit but still expect to fish s-l-o-w-l-y for trout trying to warm up from their coldest “shock” of the year. Fish 1 – 3 feet of water with suspending plugs or Redfins allowed to sit still on the surface for best results this weekend.


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Donald and Donnie Stinchcomb of Concord, Ga, with Jim Edwards of Milner, Ga. had 11 trout to 18″ while fishing with Cotton Cordell Redfins in 2 – 3 feet of water.

Barry Young and his friend, both of Tifton, Ga. had their limit of trout, also on Sunday morning, using live shrimp under Cajun Thunders in 3 feet of water.

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