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FM4000 VHF Radio

Your link to dry land is your communication system, so it should come as no surprise that performance and reliability are the two most critical components. That’s where Furuno’s FM4000 VHF Radio comes into the equation. This robust and rugged 25-Watt VHF is built with the latest commercial-grade components to withstand the demanding marine environment. Featuring built-in DSC functionality, it also utilizes dedicated control buttons and a rapidly operated rotary channel selector that offers easy operation. It enables users instant access to Channel 16 with a one-touch 16/9 key, up-to-date marine weather reports on 10 different channels and a host of additional features. For the best possible power output and clearest reception get yours today for an MSRP of $695. Furuno U.S.A., 360.834.9300,