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Keeping Frozen Things Frozen and Cold Things Cold!

We are proud to announce that Nu-Ice has become the Official “Cold Technology” Sponsor of Coastal Conservation Association Florida! Be on the lookout for Nu-Ice Product at your next banquet!


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Nu-Ice is the non-toxic, non-hazardous, formula used to manufacture Hi-Performance freezer paks capable of maintaining temperatures in well insulated environments for days, not hours.

The Marine Series is designed to keep frozen things frozen and makes for a great alternative to dry ice to keep bait/food fresh and DRY on that overnight fishing outing.

Nu-Ice Ultimate Cooler Paks are designed to keep cold things cold. Therefore, they make a great ice substitute to keep food and drinks cold without the mess of melting ice. Additionally, at 32F, the Ultimate Cooler Pak works great to extend the life of bagged ice in any cooler.

These packs are safe, environmentally friendly and re-usable up to five years! Uses for Nu-Ice are limitless….

Developed for the medical field, Nu-Ice technology has become a leader in the cold shipping industry. Our products have been engineered to maintain specific temperatures during shipping. Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals, Food Packaging and The US Military have all turned to this technology for solutions.

Today, Nu-Ice is proud to offer the same technology and performance to the avid sportsmen or weekend outdoorsmen. Whether you’re keeping cold things cold or frozen things frozen, Nu-Ice is an excellent alternative to both ice and dry ice, creating cold, dry & eco-friendly spaces in coolers and fish boxes. Nu-Ice is non-toxic & re-usable (up to 5000x) without any hazards of dry-ice or inefficiencies of standard gel packs., For more info, visit