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Kingfisher Inflatable Fishing SUP

Creek Company a leader in fishing paddleboard innovation and personal fishing craft for 30 years, introduces their newest addition, the Kingfisher Inflatable Fishing SUP—The advanced design of the Kingfisher, which includes multiple chambers and integrated pontoon rails, creates a super stable, super rigid board.


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At 10’ x 41″ x 6″, the extra wide Kingfisher provides all the stability you need to paddle rivers, lakes, flats and bays pursuing your favorite fish! The inflatable Kingfisher rolls up into its own backpack and goes with you anywhere! Plenty of D-rings and bungee for securing gear and a cooler. 2 pre mounted rod holders. Be stealthy, cover more water, see more fish from an elevated line of sight and cast with full range of motion! The Kingfisher is inflatable and checks through on a plane or stows in your boat or car, so you can take it anywhere and fish any water, any time!

  • 10’ x 41” x 6” hull of double layers of .9mm PVC fitted with 3 high pressure, 15 psi
  • 6” pontoon rails integrated with 4” deck.
  • Extra large EVA foam deck pad for all day comfort and solid footing
  • 2 small, fixed fins and 1 large, interchangeable/removable fin to adjust for variable
  • 2 pre-mounted rod holders
  • Multiple D-rings for securing gear, including a cooler for drinks or a seat
  • Center carry handle for single person carry and dual bow and stern handles for two
  • High Pressure Pump with pressure gauge
  • Backpack/Storage Bag with shoulder harness
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Overall Weight: 31 lbs

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