Krypto Night Light


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Underwater, interchangeable, and maintenance free in blue, red, yellow and green. Landscape tranquility, control ambiance with ease. Heavy-impact resistant, installation in minutes and visibly consistent. Underwater aquarium or dockside party belligerence; indulge! Superior underwater lighting exposed. Introducing the Krypto-Night®. An environmental experience that glows in with the tide. Krypto-Night®, for a fisherman, a boater, or waterfront owner. Illuminating waterways for captains and patrollers, highlighting dockside walks for mommies and daddies with strollers. Observe nature in a way, Krypto-Night® paints the page, an aquatic ecosystem along any domain, witness predator-and-prey, in blue, red, yellow and green. Interchange seasons, or for any ole reason. Krypto-Night® is pleasing to the eye from off shore, on deck, or from up in the sky. Create a landscape beyond the mind’s eye! Krypto-Night®. New product announcement brought to you by Undersea Illumination. Undersea Illumination, 888.840.7060,